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Suede – Beautiful ones

I have recently been a little fixated by Britpop and warmly reminiscing about the mid-90’s. As such, I have wanted to post this for a while. It features one of my all time favourite intros. Taken from the excellent Coming Up, which was released at Britpop’s zenith in 1996.

Roni Size – Heroes

This was the first electronica song that really made me sit up and take notice of the genre. I had never heard a song so smooth and poised. It is taken off the groundbreaking album New Forms, which blew me away.

Roni Size is another of the Bristol crew I have posted recently and was a real pioneer of the drum and bass genre. He paved the way for more recent artists such as High Contrast. London Elektricity and pendulum.

Raekwon – Heaven and hell

I am at home in Ireland this weekend. The purpose of the trip, other than to catch up with family and friends, was to help an old pal prepare for his wedding which is coming up in a couple of weeks. This particularly buddy and I bonded over a shared appreciation of hip hop many years ago and this was one of the first tracks we both loved. I am also glad to post it as being at home always puts me in a nostalgic mood and this strongly reminds me of being 19 and completely clueless. Happy times.

It is taken from the excellent album, Only built 4 Cuban linx… The album’s main conceit is that of Italian mobsters, and this song serves as a final refrain, a cry for redemption.

Another interesting note about Raekwon is that I saw him play live on March 17th in Dublin one year (with said buddy), it was certainly an interesting way to spend St.Paddies night….



Manix – Feel real good

Classic early 90’s raver. I imagine it was a fun and interesting time to be young.

Tricky – Hell is round the corner

Posting Massive Attack a few days ago made me think of this, by fellow Bristollian Tricky. It is taken from the album Maxinquaye which, when I first heard it, left me completely transfixed. It was so dark and brooding, sounding like it had come from another planet. I loved the fact that something sounding so stark and otherworldly could come from somewhere that seemed so real and tangible to me.

The sample used in the song is from another Stax hero, Issac Hayes.


Pete Heller – Big Love

What is it about summer and good weather that draws you to classic house music? This is one of my very favourites of the genre. I am sure I will post a few others before autumn rolls around.

Jeff Buckley – Last Goodbye

Sunday is always a more circumspect day for me. I have wanted to post this for a while and it seems like a good choice today, with it being a little less spritely than the music I have posted in past few days.
It is taken off the staggering Grace, one of the first albums I was truly mesmerised by. It is so moving, full of angst and steepling vocals. Jeff Buckley’s was a tragic story, which makes the album even more poignant.
I have heard rumours recently that a biopic of his life is to be made in the near future.

7th May

A Tribe called Quest – Can I kick it?

It’s Saturday so I wanted to post something that makes me happy and I would want to hear at a party. Also, it is a while since I posted any hip hop. So I did the calculation, cranked the handle in my brain and it spat this out. It also puts a smile on my face and makes me want to move when I hear it. You can’t ask much more from a party anthem.

27th April

REM – Nightswimming

I could comfortably posted another track from Rhythm of the saints (see yesterday) today. But I resolved at the start of the year not to post 2 tracks by the same artist until I had exhausted every one I liked. So my neurosis got the better of me as there are some many great bands still on my list.

Reading the interview with Michael Stipe a couple of weeks ago reminded me of REM. They are an amazing band. Their sheer production is staggering, with their latest album being number 15! Nightswimming was my favourite song on the first album I ever bought – Automatic for the people. I bought on cassette along with Return of the space cowboy by Jamiroquai. It is the first song I can remember really loving and playing it over and over on my walkman.

Paul Simon – Spirit Voices

I revisited Rhythm of the saints over the weekend and have been unable to stop listening to it subsequently. I was remiss to neglect it and Graceland when considering my favourite back to back albums recently.

What was odd was that I was able to recite the songs word for word despite the fact I can’t ever remember consciously listening to the album. It must have been a big hit with my dad and while I can’t remember when or where I listened to it (repeatedly, it would seem) I clearly heard it. Is it strange that some of my most vivid memories from my early childhood are musical?

I really struggled to settle on one song (in the end this just shaded it over Born at the right time). It is soft and dreamlike – full of rich images and eclectic sounds from around the globe.

And all of these spirit voices
Sing rainwater, sea water
River water, holy water
Wrap this child in mercy – heal her
Heaven’s only daughter