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12th December 2012

Van Morrison – Domino

I have probably waxed lyrical enough about the regard I have for Van’s music. Suffice to say, I think he’s got some game.

I had forgotten how good this sounds until it came on my MP3 player as I was walking home from work last night. From the jangly (not sure this is the correct technical term) intro to the horns and relentless energy throughout it is both a great pop song and a throwback to Fats Domino and all the great 50’s and 60’s Rhythm and Blues.

There are also several very tasty live versions (which are well worth checking out on YouTube where available). Not least the one on the seminal It’s too late to stop now which is both a personal favourite album and a guiding maxim.


11th December 2012

The Dynamics* – Yes I love you baby

Northern Soul classic from Detroit legends The Dynamics. I really like how well the vocals play off each other here, especially the falsetto part.

Ain’t no doubt about it…


*Artist #573

Best Coast – When I’m with you

Another stellar tune from 2011 blog favourites Best Coast, who checked in at number 21 in my Top 30 of 2011 with Sun was high (so was I).

I really like their sunny, washed out sound. It’s just a pity Monday morning in Dublin doesn’t have the weather to match! Not sure what the faux-Ronald McDonald is all about in the video but it kind of works in a strange way I suppose!


9th December 2012

Lafayette Afro Rock Band* – Hihache

I stumbled across this while meandering around YouTube  Sometimes it is scary how well Google seems to know me and my taste in music.

This is a perfect slice on Funk that I have been enjoying throughout a very relaxed Sunday. Some strong horn action which is always a good thing. It reminds me a little of the wonderful Parliament Funakadelic who I saw this time last year. I can’t believe how fast 12 months have slipped by!


*Artist #572

7th December 2012

Naught by nature* – Hip hop hooray (GPF)

This isn’t too substantial but it is an old fashioned party tune. A hip hop banger from New Jersey’s Naughty by nature, which I think is a pretty amazing name for a band.


*Artist #570

6th December 2012

Alt-J* – Tessellate (NAT)

I know I am very late on these guys. I meant to post them earlier in the year but didn’t get around to it. I was reminded of them when reading NME’s top 50 albums of 2012.

Alt-J are from Leeds and really came to prominence this year when their debut album An Awesome Wave won the Mercury prize.


*Artist #569

5th December 2012

Rick James* – Mary Jane

Rick James? What a beast! I was going to post this on a Friday but then I realised that I wasn’t guilty about it at all. Simply put, it is FLY. The video here is also suitably manic.

The only issue is that Dave Chapelle has meant that I haven’t been able to think about Rick James in the same way.


*Artist #568

4th December 2012

Sam Cooke and The Soul Stirrers – Peace in the valley

I don’t think I have yet encountered a voice that’s more pure than Sam Cooke’s. This is never more true than in the early Gospel music he recorded with The Soul Stirrers. The music is simple and his voice is unshackled and full of fervour. The result is simply startling.