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Ten Freshest Artists of the journey so far…

To mark posting artist number 400 I thought I would highlight 10 that I thought particularly fresh.

What does fresh mean? The first time I hear them they made my heart race, my pupils dilate, my nostrils flare and made me forget I had ever heard any music before that very second. It also means that they made me want to spread the good word.

Here are 10 such artists, specifically ones I have encountered in my 15 meandering months of blogging in no particular order:

Nguuni Lover’s Lovers


Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti 

Jóhann Jóhannsson


Fox the fox
Shabazz Palaces

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble


Thanks for sticking with me and thanks for the encouragement and inspiration along the way. Feel free to highlight any other bands that have excited you.

Here’s to the next 400…


10th March 2012

Real Estate – Dumb Luck

This is nice and mellow, which is very welcome after a busy week. March 2012 is turning out to be a busy little month for me.

I discovered Real Estate last year. Their sunny, chilled out sound is very pleasing. Also, after posting The Beach Boys earlier in the week I can hear a little of them in this. 



Bucketheads* – The Bomb! (GPF)

Classic 90’s dance tune. It reminds me of being a teenager. I heard it last night while out on the tiles in Brixton with a few old friends. Great sample and a funny video here to match.

These sounds fall into my mind… 


*Artist #401

8th March 2012

Peasant* – The flask (NAT)

I don’t know a great deal about this guy but have been enjoying this tune very much recently. It is breezy and has a low-fi sound that reminds me a little of Best Coast.

It also marks artist number 400 in my meandering blogging voyage. Look out for a post over the weekend with the 10 freshest artists I have stumbled across so far. Thanks for sticking with me.


*Artist #400!!

7th March 2012

The Beach Boys – Darlin’

It seems like I have posted a lot of new artists (as well as Diana Ross) recently. So I thought it might be good to post something classic. I don’t know that you get more classic than The Beach Boys.

It took me a while to realise that they were more than just boyish surf melodies. But listening to Pet Sounds blew my mind. I can’t overstate how much I recommend you check them out. Their music is so rich, frequently the contrast between sweet melodies and wistful lyrics is startlingly effective.

I am off to see Mayer Hawhorne in Scala tonight. I will let you know how I get on later in the week.


6th March 2012

Shabazz Palaces* – Swerve

Hip Hop has undergone a big renaissance in my affections recently after I had just about given up hope on it. Artists such as Oddisee, DTMD, Roc Marciano and Jay Electronica have both excited me and restored some of my faith in the current scene.

This track is super fresh and I love the sound, it’s funky and slightly eccentric. It reminds me a little of Bay Area rappers such as Blackaliscious, Lyrics Born or The Coup. Additionally, I happen to think that Shabazz Palaces is an excellent name.


*Artist #399

5th March 2012

Diana Ross – Ain’t no mountain high enough

I heard this on Saturday night and was reminded of what a fantastic song it is. There are several great versions of it and I struggle to decide which is my favourite. I imagine it was very bold in it’s day with the spoken word passages and heavy strings. It is so joyous and uplifting it is hard not to smile when you hear it. Also, it highlights what an utter hero Diana Ross is. What a voice!



A whisper in the noise* – Black Shroud

This is quiet and soothing, perfect for a Sunday evening with the sobering prospect of Monday morning looming. This is particularly welcome today as I am feeling the effects of a raucous evening last night celebrating a friend’s birthday.

It reminds me a little of The Antlers both in it’s style and dark subject matter. I don’t know too much about these guys but have been enjoying them very much since coming across them a few days ago. 


*Artist #398

College featuring Electric Youth* – A real hero

This is taken from the soundtrack of the movie Drive. I had been meaning to check it out for ages as several buddies had referred to it glowingly. I finally got round to it a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Now I just need to see the movie…

I like the mellow vibe here and the classic, 80’s sound.


*Artist #397