Monthly Archives: September 2011


George McCrae – Rock your baby

I have posted quite a lot of modern stuff of late so I thought I would go back to the 70’s for this little number. Something smooth and mellow for a quiet Friday after a long week.


Ghostface Killah – Save me dear

I was talking to friend at the weekend and he told me he thought that hip hop was under represented on the blog so far, given my affection for the genre. On reflection I have to agree.

My trouble is that even though hip hop changed the way I view music irrevocably I feel conflicted about it. I am a sucker for beats, and hip hop is full of them. However, it can also be full of intollerance and profanity (which I am less keen on). Ultimately though I am just a sucker for a great hook.

Ghostface is a favourite. He writes clever rhymes full of wit and humour. He is an alumni of Staten Island’s finest, the Wu Tang Clan. This particular track samples an awesome tune that I have already posted.


M83 – Midnight City

These guys are a French electronica act, apparently named after a spiral galaxy rather than a motorway as I first thought. I really like how urgent it is.


6th September

Tom Tom Club – Genius of love

These guys are an offshoot of Talking Heads, a pretty good place of origin. I this this is great, with an original and clever sound.

If the mark of a great song is how much it is sampled, this must be pretty special. A veritable who’s who of hip hop including Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Tupac Shakur and Public Enemy used this in various tracks. Not to mention this (WOW – blast from the past!!) or this (HA!). The last two are rarefied air indeed.


Fitz and The Tantrums – MoneyGrabber

I heard these guys on the radio today, and liked their sound. It is like a modern take on Stax and Motown, which is a good place to start. Additionally, I think the Fitz and The Tantrums is a great name.


Ben Folds Five – Kate

I heard this played on the radio today. It was such a blast from the past, I probably hadn’t heard it for 10 years! I used to love whatever and ever amen, the album this is taken from when I was at school, listening to it endlessly.

She never gets wet. She smiles and it’s a rainbow…I wanna be KATE


Mcfadden and Whitehead – Ain’t no stopping us now

A classic disco is a good way to get in the mood for a night on the tiles. It seems I have posted quite a few disco tunes recently, maybe I have caught Saturday Night Fever. It is quite infectious.

Ain’t no stopping us now. We’re in the groove…


Kelpe – Beat Imperial

This is just smooth as silk. I woke up this morning with the beat stuck in my head, reason enough to post it.

There is quite a good video to match the cool beats here too.


Jean Carne – We’ve got some catching up to do

I seem to be a real Disco mood of late. This is a Philadelphia International classic. It’s a feel good anthem and I thought it a good way to kick September off.