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Mos Def – Ms.Fat Booty

Mos Def is hard to dislike – he appears to be a pretty amiable character. He seems to be more focused on acting than making music these days which makes it easy to forget that he made a couple of pretty solid albums before decamping to Hollywood.

This song is taken off the album Black on both sides which is well worth a listen. I really like the sample used in this song and it’s generally languid feel.



Donny Hathaway – Jealous Guy

I like covers that give songs a fresh sound, particularly one as fresh as this. Posting John Lennon yesterday made me think of this. Donny Hathaway’s was something of a tragic story but he still managed to make some great music.


John Lennon – Instant Karma

I have been listening to Liam Gallagher’s new band a bit recently. Their song The Roller in particular and I couldn’t work out what it reminded me of until I finally worked out it was this. It gets less airplay than some of his other work but I really like it.

Van Morrison – Sweet Thing

There are a few of reasons why I wanted to post this today. Firstly, it’s awesome. It is one of the best tracks from my favourite album of all time. Astral Weeks is a masterpiece, wistful and captivating – it has been beguiling me since the first time I heard it.

Secondly, a couple of days recently have felt like winter is finally coming to a welcome end and this song always makes me think of spring. Full of vivid imagery, when I listen to it I can nearly smell the “gardens misty and wet with rain.”

Finally, Van Morrison is one of my heroes and guilt about not posting him already had been gnawing at me. Also, he is also Irish and today felt like a good day to post a fellow countryman.

Happy St.Patrick’s day to one and all.

16th March

Kate Bush – Cloudbusting

Kate Bush is one of my very top artists from the 1980’s (and I have a few). She is a national treasure, an eccentric who makes excellent and eclectic music.

It was hard to single out one track in particular but this is certainly up there with my favourites. Typical of her it is mystical and engaging. Also another interesting video, alas it is no Wuthering Heights but still pretty good.



Delphic – Doubt

Internet problems persist. Another up tempo, up and coming Manchester band who owe some of their sound to the 1980’s.

The Emotions – Best of my love

Post-move internet problems mean I will keep this brief. This is one of my all time favourite disco tracks. Try listening to it and not wanting to bust a move. Go on – I DARE you.



The Four Tops -Reach Out (I’ll be there)

Another classic Motown single – Also one I have loved for a long time.

High Contrast – Lovesick

Went to Fabric last night. Great night, but I am still reeling somewhat. Particularly my ears which haven’t stopped ringing yet. The soundsystem in there was insane.

A million years ago when I used to do a radio show in university I got very into Drum and Bass, and this was probably my favourite tune. Listening to (or maybe feeling the vibrations of) lots of Drum and Bass last night I was reminded of it. It is kind of euphoric.


The White Stripes – Fell in love with a girl

I never really had much love for the white stripes. They were a bit too strange for my liking. However, I was out and about trying to raise some hell recently and a DJ played this. It might have been the most perfect marriage of song and mood I had ever experienced (I was the better for a few pints of Guiness).

Short, energetic and raucous – if you need to get your blood racing, I suggest giving this a look. Also, the retro Lego video is a winner.