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Boyoyo Boys* – Son Op

I have been listening to a lot of Paul Simon recently. Specifically Graceland and The Rhythm of The Saints, two albums which feature world music heavily.

In reading about the origins of the album I came across Boyoyo Boys, who are from a township in South Africa. It is said that Paul Simon got the inspriation for Graceland (which features South African music heavily) while listening to one of their records. I can see why – this is great.

Boyoyo Boys:

Boyoyo Boys/RjK

*Artist #731

dÉbruit* – Nigera What? | (NAT)

I stumbled across this track while meandering through YouTube links earlier in the week. It is taken from Parisian DJ (or “Synth Magician” accoring to RA) dÉbruit’s 2009 EP Spatio Temporel.

I really love it’s contemporary take on that classic world music sound.



*Artist #724

Fredy Massamba* – Ntoto

What I really find interesting about this track (and especially the video) from Congolese artist Fredy Massamba is how American it seems. It is like American (or maybe French, like blog favourite MC Solaar) hip hop culture transplanted to Africa, so completing a cycle.

Fredy Massamba:

Fredy Massamba/RjK

*Artist #713


Luísa Maita* – Lero Lero | (NAT)

The biggest musical revelation of my meandering blogging journey over the past couple of years has definitely been world music. However, this has largely focused on African music.I have therefore put some effort into exploring other musical destinations. This is how I came across Brazilian singer Luísa Maita on the excellent Aurgasm blog. I really enjoyed the wistful quality here.

Luísa Maita:

Luisa Maita/RjK

*Artist #706

Hailu Mergia and the Walias* – Tizita | (NAT)

My world music kick continues. This time the band hails from Ethiopia, although it seems that Hailu Mergia is now a taxi driver in Washington D.C.

I really like the languid feel here. I am not often drawn to instrumental tracks but really enjoyed this and it has a great video to match.

Hailu Mergia:

Hailu Mergia/RjK

*Artist #699


Malawi Mouse Boys* – Ndinasangalala (I Was Happy)

My musical fads seem to come in three forms of late: Soul, Hip Hop or African. Recently I definitely seem to have been captivated by the latter and I haven’t felt so invigorated in a while. There is something really fresh and raw about world music.

Malawi Mouse Boys must be the best band name I have heard in a long time. This track is taken from their debut album He is #1, which was released last year. It is every bit as joyous as I could hope and with a great video to match.

Malawi Mouse Boys – He is #1:

Malawi Mouse Boys - He is #1/RjK

*Artist #697