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tUne-yArDs – Bizness

This is just fresh. I haven’t been so excited by a song for a while. It is energetic, rich and textured, and I think the video is great. It kind of reminds me of Jai Paul, in that the sound is so bold and brimming with modernity.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have been over the past few days (while not distracted by Glastonbuty).

Raekwon – Heaven and hell

I am at home in Ireland this weekend. The purpose of the trip, other than to catch up with family and friends, was to help an old pal prepare for his wedding which is coming up in a couple of weeks. This particularly buddy and I bonded over a shared appreciation of hip hop many years ago and this was one of the first tracks we both loved. I am also glad to post it as being at home always puts me in a nostalgic mood and this strongly reminds me of being 19 and completely clueless. Happy times.

It is taken from the excellent album, Only built 4 Cuban linx… The album’s main conceit is that of Italian mobsters, and this song serves as a final refrain, a cry for redemption.

Another interesting note about Raekwon is that I saw him play live on March 17th in Dublin one year (with said buddy), it was certainly an interesting way to spend St.Paddies night….


The White Stripes – Fell in love with a girl

I never really had much love for the white stripes. They were a bit too strange for my liking. However, I was out and about trying to raise some hell recently and a DJ played this. It might have been the most perfect marriage of song and mood I had ever experienced (I was the better for a few pints of Guiness).

Short, energetic and raucous – if you need to get your blood racing, I suggest giving this a look. Also, the retro Lego video is a winner.


6th March

Michael Jackson – Thriller

A friend and I were talking somewhat irreverently about Michael Jackson yesterday. When I got home I got to thinking that it is easy to dismiss the caricature that he became near the end and forget how talented he really was.

He released so many great songs and albums and when you take into account The Jackson Five it is actually pretty amazing. But what strikes me most about this video is that he could flat out MOVE. I would love to exhibit that amount of grace just once in my life.

Van Halen – Jump

Spandex? Check. Hoop Earring? Check. Bouffant hair? Check. Tight trousers? Check. Amazing synth? Check. This must have been released in the 80’s then. It is cheesy but hard to dislike.

Things I love about this video include (but are not limited to) – the guitarist’s leopardprint jacket/white scarf combo, the ridiculous oversize drum kit, the singer’s high kicks, the drummer’s headband and shiny green sleeveless leather jacket.

/Van Halen – Jump

Darwin Deez – Radar Detector

This was one my biggest tunes of 2010. Extra points for a pretty funny video and for talking about taking acid on Radio 2.
You are a RADAR detector…