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4th August 2012

De La Soul – Oooh. featuring Redman

As I have written before De La Soul are a band that profoundly influenced the way I thought about music and are perhaps the single most influential band on my musical taste.

This is the song that began it all. I can still remember hearing it for the first time on Giles Peterson’s worldwide radio show in the summer of 2000. The hook here was like nothing I had ever heard before and I have been hooked on Hip Hop ever since.

Additionally, I love the video here. Typically of De La it is both playful and fun. Let’s just say you don’t really see the Wizard of Oz as a motif in rap videos very often! But I kinda like it.

Party people, your dreams have now been fulfilled. Get your ass up and let’s get ill…

In other news what an amazing day at the olympics! There is something pure about the appeal of track and field that I just can’t get enough of.


24th July 2012

The Supremes – Stoned Love

It’s been too long since I last posted some soul music and far, far too long since I last posted The Supremes, who are my favourite Motown band. Maybe even my favourite band full stop. It really doesn’t get much better than the melodies and vocal harmony in this track.

A pretty good video here too with some super images of Motown’s heyday. I am sure that I’m in a very small minority of people that longs to visit Detroit (I don’t read many good reports) so I can see Hitsville USA. I’ll make it there someday though, some way.


20th July 2012

Eve featuring Gwen Stefani* – Let me blow ya mind (GPF)

I heard this last Friday night when I was out having a few leaving drinks. I was reminded of what a great tune it is. What a rare treat to hear an all female hip hop tune.
Two other things stand out on this track; First, the amazing hook, hitting you right from the start, it is infectious and makes me want to move. Secondly, the video has a certain kitschy charm. Particularly as Eve rhymes to the camera while driving what appears to be a souped up quad bike!


*Artist #490

13th July 2012

Heatwave* – Boogie Nights

Rather unbelievably it is my last Friday night in London before moving to Dublin. As such, I plan to go out with a bang this evening and wanted something to set the mood. When I am looking to set this tone I go in two directions – Hip Hop (that is up tempo, old school or preferably both) and, as in this case, Disco. The majority of my party anthems come from these two sources. 

As it happened I woke up with this song in my head anyway so it was a relatively easy decision (especially given how amazing the video is). It may be a long evening… 
I also like the below Youtube comment which was left on the video. Simple but to the point: 
The 00s “Music is crap these days” ~ Older generation 
The 90s “Music is crap these days” ~ Older generation 
The 80s “Music is crap these days” ~ Older generation  
The 70s “Music is crap these days” ~ Older generation 
The 60s “Music is crap these days” ~ Older generation… 

Boogie nights. Ain’t no doubt, we are here to party… 
*Artist #484

12th July 2012

Orange Juice* – Rip it up (NAT)

This is not strictly speaking a new band (although to my surprise I haven’t posted OJ before). It just felt appropriate to post something orange today. The 12th of July will forever make me think of home, regardless of far from it I am (and despite how banal things in Ardoyne may appear this evening).

This track is one of my very favourites from the 80’s, probably in my top 5 which is very rarefied air. Orange Juice are one in a long line of richly-talented Glasgow bands and they brought the fantastic Edwyn Collins (who I posted last year) to prominence. Pretty special video here too.


*Artist #483

Arcade Fire* – The Suburbs

I am by no means an Arcade Fire devotee, but I like them enough to be surprised that I hadn’t gotten around to posting them until today.

I am a little late on this track too as it was released a couple of years ago now, but it stuck with me. The track has a wistful air and a sense of longing that I can relate to when I think about growing up in a small town. I have been listening to it recently because I am feeling nostalgic as I pack up my life in London and get ready to move to Dublin next week. One adventure ends, another begins…

*Artist #481

17th June 2012

Nick Cave and PJ Harvey* – Henry Lee (CjK Father’s Day guest post)


Its amazing what you stumble upon in You Tube – I was looking for an entirely different Nick Cave song.

Let’s be clear on a few things about this more-than-a little-weird video: were they an item once? – yes; is this an old ballad – Yes it’s Nick’s arrangement of an old Southern ballad called Young Hunting; the video must have taken ages to get right? no it was done in only one take. 
You very seldom see a quiff and mullet carried off so well. Yes the lyrics are deeply horrible, but Polly Harvey’s androgynous suited-look fits them perfectly. 
Bet that La la la la la, La la la la lee.. sticks in your head for a while… 


*artist #464

1st June 2012

Kylie Minogue* – Spinning Around (GPF)

I can’t help but admire Kylie. She keeps pushing on, keeps things fresh. Her relentless desire to try something new and stay current is one I very much admire. Also, the video here doesn’t hurt (hello hotpants)! Above all she has made great pop music and a lot of it, and this is a classic example.


*Artist #456

31st May 2012

Gerry Read* – 90’s Prostitution Racket (NAT)

Not sure what the title of this track is about, or the wrestling video here. However, I have been really enjoying it all week. It is a dark, washed out reimagining of an 80’s Cathy Dennis tune. Again it has the the winning combination of being both fresh and retro.

I know next to nothing about the artist (can anyone enlighten me?). I found virtually nothing about him online beyond the fact that he is young and from the UK.


*Artist #455

12th May 2012

Michael Jackson – You rock my world

Damn, London feels like a different city when it stops raining and the sun comes out!

I feel a little guilty to be posting this ahead of some of the groundbreaking music MJ made in the 80’s and 90’s. However, I have had a soft spot for this since being very excited to see a “world exclusive” of the video on Top of the Pops back in the day.

I am struck now as I was then – Michael Jackson can flat out move. Also, how many music videos can Marlon Brando have featured in? Not too many I would guess. I actually really like the song too. It is expertly produced pop music and I can’t hear it without wanting to move myself.