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The Frames – God bless mom

I wanted to post something Irish today as I have just spent the day in Dublin.
These guys have come into a little prominence after Glen Hansard, the lead singer, starred in a Once a couple of years ago.  I really liked them when I was in my late teens and early twenties, seeing them live quite a few times.

The reason they first piqued my interest was that I saw Glen Hansard when he was supporting Bob Dylan and I walked into the show halfway into his set while he was covering Astral Weeks which is an obscure song from my favourite album of all time and I instantly knew I had to investigate him further.

Van Morrison – Sweet Thing

There are a few of reasons why I wanted to post this today. Firstly, it’s awesome. It is one of the best tracks from my favourite album of all time. Astral Weeks is a masterpiece, wistful and captivating – it has been beguiling me since the first time I heard it.

Secondly, a couple of days recently have felt like winter is finally coming to a welcome end and this song always makes me think of spring. Full of vivid imagery, when I listen to it I can nearly smell the “gardens misty and wet with rain.”

Finally, Van Morrison is one of my heroes and guilt about not posting him already had been gnawing at me. Also, he is also Irish and today felt like a good day to post a fellow countryman.

Happy St.Patrick’s day to one and all.


Two Door Cinema Club – Undercover Martyn

These guys are a band from Northern Ireland, and are signed to the same label as Phoenix (I seem to have made several references to them recently – not sure why). Despite reading several glowing reviews I am yet to be wowed by too much of their stuff.

However, I have been enjoying this track a lot recently. What I most like about it is the intro, which I think is great. The rest of the song is pretty good too, jangly and energetic – two excellent qualities in a pop song.

Thin Lizzy – The boys are back in town

The sad news about Gary Moore over the weekend got me thinking about Thin Lizzy, with whom he sometimes played.

I hadn’t listened to this song in quite a while and to hear it fresh is pretty startling. It is full of vigour and expertly captures the feeling of being young and boisterous. Like no one in the world can touch you. Not to mention that guitar riff…