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Van Morrison – Astral Weeks

This came onto my MP3 player this weekend for the first time in a while and still sounded amazing. I was surprised I hadn’t posted it already.

I still remember hearing it for the first time and the opening leaving me utterly speechless. The opening line must be one of my all time favourites, full of mysticism and longing just like the album to which is gives it’s name.

If I ventured in the slipstream, between the viaducts of your dream…


Liza Flume* – Poison | (NAT)

I saw Irish singer Liza Flume support Linnea Olsson at The Workmans Club a few weeks ago.

I enjoyed the simplicity of her music. As here, there was very little instrumentation or frills of any kind. She used looping created a infectious sound that I found rather hypnotic.

Liza Flume:


*Artist #646

12th December 2012

Van Morrison – Domino

I have probably waxed lyrical enough about the regard I have for Van’s music. Suffice to say, I think he’s got some game.

I had forgotten how good this sounds until it came on my MP3 player as I was walking home from work last night. From the jangly (not sure this is the correct technical term) intro to the horns and relentless energy throughout it is both a great pop song and a throwback to Fats Domino and all the great 50’s and 60’s Rhythm and Blues.

There are also several very tasty live versions (which are well worth checking out on YouTube where available). Not least the one on the seminal It’s too late to stop now which is both a personal favourite album and a guiding maxim.


15th September 2012

Van Morrison – It’s all in the game / You know what they’re writing about

I have been meaning to post Van for a while. Firstly I am a self confessed devotee of his music but also because I nearly saw him play in Dublin a few weeks ago before inclement weather intervened (why even bother with gigs in parks in Ireland?).

This pair of tracks closes out the 1979 album Into the music. They aren’t his most iconic work but I have listened to them relentlessly over the past few months. I think they are classic Van; starting with a spacey, meandering cover of an obscure 50’s tune then building and building to a crashing, heartfelt crescendo (see about 6:30 onwards).

Meet me down by the pylons...