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Van Morrison – I’ll Take Care Of You / It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World (Live in San Francisco)

I am going to see Van Morrison in the Royal Albert Hall in London tonight. To say I am excited is an understatement. My favourite live artists in an amazing venue. Hopefully it will be a good night.

I thought it fitting then to post a live track by him today. This is two for one – tracks orignially recorded by Bobby Bland and James Brown (quite the twosome). The original versions are below.


Bobby Bland:

James Brown:

Sea Pinks* – A Pattern Recognition | (NAT)

It has been too long since I posted something jangly. Belfast band Sea Pinks provide the guitars today. The track is perhaps a little insubstantial but it’s sunny and rather fun which, every once in a while, is enough to catch my ear.

Sea Pinks:

Sea Pinks/RjK

*Artist #744

Van Morrison – Dweller on the Threshold (live)

I am a little wary of over posting Van Morrison (especially having posted another live version of his only a few weeks ago), it is apparent that my regard for his work is probably higher than most. However, one of the things I have tried to achieve through this blog is to document my musical taste and the journeys it takes me on and over the past few weeks Van’s live work is something I have been mining heavily. He is the most masterful performer I know.

This is taken from a 1982 performance in Germany. The original track is taken from Beautiful Vision, which was released the same year. I especially love the trumpet and saxophone…

Van Morrison:

Van Morrison/RjK

Róisín Murphy – If We’re In Love

This song came on my MP3 player while walking home from work this evening and I was immediately transported back to 2005. Despite the fact I have loved it since then I hadn’t gotten around to posting it until now.

It is taken from Irish singer Róisín Murphy’s (formerly of Moloko fame) debut solo album Ruby Blue. It is playful, sultry and hypnotic which is a heady combination.

Róisín Murphy:

Roisin Murphy/RjK

Them – Don’t look back

CjK Guest Post – Summer Cover #7

Morrison had first recorded the title song, “Don’t Look Back” on his debut album as the front man for the Northern Irish band Them.

“Don’t Look Back ” is a song written by Blues singer-songwriter John Lee Hooker and released as a single in 1964. Morrison and Hooker also dueted it on a subsequent recording. Perhaps don’t look back is sentiment we should all adopt.