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Thin Lizzy – Whiskey in The Jar

CjK Guest Post – Summer Cover #13

It is Phil Lynott fabulous guitar intro that lets you know that this is not going to be a a traditional version of ‘Whiskey in the Jar’. It was however a well known traditional song set in the southern mountains of Ireland, with specific mention of counties Cork and Kerry.  The song is about a Rapparee (Highwayman), who is betrayed by his wife or lover, and is one of the most widely performed traditional Irish songs. The then relatively unknown Irish rock band Thin Lizzy hit the Irish and British pop charts with this version of the  song in 1973, launching a very successful career until Phil died in 1986 aged 36, although still remembered in a statue just off Grafton Street.

Thin Lizzy:

Thin Lizzy/CjK


Santana* – Black Magic Woman

CjK Guest Post – Summer Cover #12

When you think about ‘Black Magic Woman’ I suspect you do not think about Fleetwood Mac. This song was written by Peter Green that first appeared as a Fleetwood Mac single in various countries in 1968.  In 1970, it became a classic hit by Santana, as sung by Gregg Rolie, on their Abraxas album. The outstanding guitar work and slinky vocals on this make it everyone’s go to version.


Carlos Santana/CjK

*Artist #723

Soft Cell* – Tainted Love

CjK Guest Post – Summer Cover #11

Tainted Love was a song composed by Ed Cobb and proved popular dance floor filler in the 80’s. It was originally recorded in 1964 by Gloria Jones, and became very popular when covered in 1981 by Soft Cell, who certainly nailed this version – in spite of a dodgy video.  Guaranteed to revive any flagging disco.

Soft Cell:

Soft Cell/CjK

*Artist #719

Johnny Cash* – Hurt

CjK Guest Post – Summer Cover #10

I cannot imagine Johnny cash coming in of an evening and putting on the Nine Inch Nails, who originally recorded the song “Hurt”.  The song clearly includes references to self-harm and heroin addiction, although the overall meaning of the song is disputed.

In this 2008 recording Cash is clearly ill and his condition has an added poignancy as he shows a  video of himself in his prime. It certainly makes for an emotional charged video, which many refer to as his epitaph.

Johnny Cash:

Johnny Cash/CjK

*Artist #716


Jennifer Warnes* – First We Take Manhattan

CjK Guest Post – Summer Cover #9

What’s not to like about a song that seems to start with some one reading the German railway timetable? Jennifer Warnes recorded an album called the ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’ to bring her take on Leonard Cohen‘s song in 1987.

She cannot match Cohen’s low menace in ‘first we take Manhattan then we take Berlin’, which may mock German terrorist of the time, but she does rattle along well in this version.

Jennifer and Leonard:

Jennifer and Leonard/CjK

*Artist #711

Amy Winehouse – Valerie

CjK Guest Post – Summer Cover #8

My youngest son complains that he is woken at 3 in the morning by Northern Ireland supporters tunelessly singing Valerie.

Valerie is a song by the English indie rock band The Zutons from the band’s second studio album. I suspect not many had heard of the Zutons until Amy chose to do this cover, which is now very well known and you would have to say that Amy brings her trademark style to it, which many impromptu Karaoke versions do not…

The Late, Great Amy Winehouse:

Amy Winehouse/CjK

Them – Don’t look back

CjK Guest Post – Summer Cover #7

Morrison had first recorded the title song, “Don’t Look Back” on his debut album as the front man for the Northern Irish band Them.

“Don’t Look Back ” is a song written by Blues singer-songwriter John Lee Hooker and released as a single in 1964. Morrison and Hooker also dueted it on a subsequent recording. Perhaps don’t look back is sentiment we should all adopt.





The Stepkids – Suit & Tie (Justin Timberlake Jazz Cover)

CjK Guest Post – Summer Cover #6

Ok you’re invited to a wedding and the ‘Bridzilla” has stipulated a strict dress code. These 3 piece jazz musicians provide a perfect backdrop to a warm summers’ evening wedding, where you might be going  slightly better dressed than usual, and uncomfortable with a tie on. Something of a wedding band themselves this trio are letting it rip.  Anyway Rob would never post Justin Timberlake…

The Step Kids:

The Step Kids/CjK

*Artist #701

Saint Etienne* – Only Love Can Break Your Heart

CjK Guest Post – Summer Cover #5

This tinkly upbeat version of Only Love Can Break Your Heart hits the summer spot. The song is the third track on Neil Young’s album After the Gold Rush. As one of the first albums I bought I maybe listened too long to the maudlin lyrics and his droney version. The song may have been written for Graham Nash after his split from Joni Mitchell though Young seems to be vague on this.  No matter, the London based group Saint Etienne sailed along with this version in 1990, but still retaining something of the irony.

Saint Etienne:

Saint Etienne/CjK

*Artist #698