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Cornershop* – Brimful Of Asha (Norman Cook Mix) | (GPF)

This is just so ’97! The intro is still one of the most infectious I can think of and within a few bars I am always transported back to happy schooldays trying to workout what a “Brimful of Asha” was. (Apparently it is a tribute to Indian singer Asha Bhosle.)

Have a great weekend. I am off to see Homeboy Sandman tomorrow night at The Sugar Club. Should be a fun night, I’ll let you know how I get on. March is proving to be quite a musical month so far.

Brimful of Asha:

Brimful of Asha/RjK

*Artist #623

New Order – Regret

As 365 days nears the milestone of reaching the 600th artist to be featured (599 and counting…) we have been taking stock of  what has been posted so far.

As part of this process I realised I had only posted one New Order track so far. Their legacy and lasting impact on the new music I hear today merits more than that.

Look out for artist number 600 in the coming days. Let me know if you have any suggestions…


Franz Ferdinand* – Take Me Out

My choices have taken a rather esoteric turn of late so I wanted to return to something slightly more recognisable, for a day anyway!

I was reminded of this track after stumbling across a YouTube playlist compiled by 6music (the best radio station ever). It celebrates their 10th birthday by compiling “100 of the greatest tracks to have been released in their lifetime”. It still has an all time great intro and such a catchy guitar riff, it’s a dancefloor classic and the stuff that indie dreams are made of…


*Artist #591

23rd December 2012

James Brown* – It’s a man’s man’s man’s world

I came across an amazing photo of James Brown with The Rolling Stones on the ever enjoyable Awesome people hanging out together Tumblr recently (see pic below). It made realise (shamefully) that I hadn’t posted the legendary JB yet, nearly two years into my blogging odyssey. So it’s about time I righted this wrong.

James Brown has one of the most arresting voices I have ever heard and the opening 30 seconds of this track still make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end every time I hear it.

James Brown chillin’ with The Rolling Stones:


*Artist #580

2nd November 2012

Royce da 5’9* – Boom (GPF)

This mid-90’s Hip Hop banger from Detroit rapper Royce da 5’9 is one of my favourite party tunes. The beat is provided by hip hop legend and genius producer DJ Premier.

I am over in London for the weekend for a friend’s birthday and hope to hear some stuff like this tonight. This is for you Jimmy, here’s to a good night! 


*Artist 547

8th October 2012

Beth Orton* – She cries your name

Norfolk singer Beth Orton was the first gig I ever went to, at the Queen’s Festival in Belfast in what must have been 2000 or 2001. On reflection it was something or a random choice.

She came into my head this week for some strange reason that I can’t quite put my finger on. I can’t say that I listen to her too often these days but I really enjoyed revisiting this track. The slightly off kilter strings that start the track still make for a killer intro.

Birds which scream for territory can learn to sing euphorically…


*Artist #530