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FM Belfast – Underwear

FM Beflast are an Iclandic electro pop band. Interesting name for such a band. Not sure where it came from. Any ideas?

It feels like a while since I posted something fresh. It has a typically Scandinavian sound – simple and fun.


Caribou – Odessa

Sometimes you can’t escape the cosmos. When I heard from 4 or 5 separate sources that I should check out this guy curiosity got the better of me. And when his Wikipedia page charecterised him as a mathematician first and musician second, I couldn’t help but like him.

This track was particularly recommended by an old friend who often has to suffer me droning on about music, so cheers to him for that. It is mellow but dense with some dark undertones that give it an interesting and complex air.


Benoit and Sergio – Walk and Talk

Haven’t been able to stop listening to this for the past 3 days. It is completely hypnotic.

Tiga described this during his 6mix as “My favourite song in the world. Ever.” Nothing like a bit of hyperbole. But at the moment I am struggling to think of anything I like more (or in fact of any other song at all).


LCD Soundsystem – All my friends

These guys played their last ever gig this week. I was a little sad and nostalgic when I heard they were breaking up. They really remind me of an old friend and some happy and carefree times we shared at university in Belfast.


Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo

This track, by London-based DJ Joy Orbison, was a big favourite of mine last year. It is compelling and hypnotic, two qualities I seem to value in songs.

High Contrast – Lovesick

Went to Fabric last night. Great night, but I am still reeling somewhat. Particularly my ears which haven’t stopped ringing yet. The soundsystem in there was insane.

A million years ago when I used to do a radio show in university I got very into Drum and Bass, and this was probably my favourite tune. Listening to (or maybe feeling the vibrations of) lots of Drum and Bass last night I was reminded of it. It is kind of euphoric.


Passion Pit – Sleepyhead

These guys were one of my big finds from a couple of years ago. This track is full of energy and even if the falsetto singing gives it somewhat of an off-kilter sound it still makes me want to move whenever I hear it.


Metronomy – She Wants

I don’t know much about these guys. I discovered them recently through the wonder of clicking on links suggested by youtube. Google’s search algorithm is all powerful.

I quite like this though, languid and smooth, the melody has inexorably wormed it’s way into my psyche.


Jai Paul – BTSTU

This guy was tipped as one the BBC’s  “Sounds of 2011.”  The list for 2010 was something of a treasure trove.

I certainly enjoyed this track, airy and hypnotic, it has fueled my commute so far this week.

BBC website: “Twenty first century kaleidoscopic funk”