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Georgi Kay* – Joga

This Bjork cover, from Australian singer Georgi Kay, is taken from the TV series Top of the Lake. The show was excellent if pretty dark and highlighted the breathtaking scenery of New Zealand’s south island.


*Artist #815

Hiatus Kaiyote* – Nakamarra

I stumbled across Melbourne band Hiatus Kaiyote pretty recently. I don’t know too much about them but I really enjoyed this track and video, they both have a real warmth and freshness.

Hiatus Kaiyote:

Hiatus Kaiyote


*Artist #743

Tame Impala – Prototype

Despite the summer ending, and with it the string of excellent guest posts, I thought it might be fun to continue with the theme of Wednesday covers for at least a while. Look out for a few covers, alternative versions and remixes over the coming weeks.

Today sees Perth, WA band Tame Impala (after a drought that strangely makes it Australian bands on consecutive days) covering the Outkast track Prototype. I really enjoyed the dreamy, hypnotic sound that they capture.

Tame Impala:

Tame Impala/RjK

Miami Horror – I look to you

Melbourne band Miami Horror made one of my favourite tracks of 2011 in Holidays (fun song, slightly strange video) but I had rather forgotten about them until a couple of weeks ago. I subsequently revisited Illumination, which both tracks are taken from, and rather enjoyed it.

Miami Horror:

Miami Horror/RjK

The Bamboos – Keep Me In Mind

In 2011 I went through a real phase of discovering Australian music that got me excited. I was reminded of this fact while sitting beside two scary members of the Aussie boxing team on a flight from Istanbul to Dublin yesterday. Also, it got me thinking that I haven’t heard anything from Down Under in ages that moved me.

This isn’t new but I really liked it at the time and never got around to posting it. The Bamboos are from Melbourne and this is taken from their excellent 2010 album 4.

The Bamboos:

The Bamboos


Birds of Tokyo* – This Fire

I enjoyed the energy here. There is something youthful and vigorous that grabbed me even though it probably isn’t the typical sort of thing that I like.

This fire, this fire, this fire. We lit it…

Birds of Tokyo are from Western Australia and this is taken from their recently released album March Fires.

Birds of Tokyo:

Birds of Tokyo/RjK

*Artist #625

Melbourne Metro Trains* – Dumb ways to die | (GPF)

Wikipedia is a dangerous place! I have lost hours of my life meandering about it’s vast expanses. Those are hours I’m never going to get back. I got stuck in a bit of a wiki rabbit hole last night, first stumbling across Internet memes which in turn led me to this track. Don’t even ask!

Randomly it’s a public service announcement from Melbourne Metro Trains. While it’s very simple, I can see why it went viral. The hook has completely infected my brain and I have been unable to shake it all day. It should come with a health warning of it’s own!


*Artist #590

11th October 2012

Tame Impala* – Feels like we only go backwards (NAT)

Tame Impala are band hailing from Western Australia. They make Lo-fi, washed out pop that reminds me a little of blog favourites Best Coast. The somewhat trippy video here is rather fitting too I thought.

I also found out that an impala is a medium size antelope. You learn something new every day…


*Artist #531

6th September 2012

New Navy* – Zimbabwe (NAT)

This is perhaps a little light but fun nonetheless. Sometimes a jangly guitar riff is enough, particularly on one of the rare days where the sun shines in Dublin and it actually feels summery.

I am not sure though that I would be picking Zimbabwe as my holiday destination of choice just at the moment though…

I don’t know too much about New Navy other than they are Australian. Their radio friendly sound makes me think it won’t be too long before I hear a bit more from them though.


*Artist #514