18th November

Crowded House – Weather with you

This is another one of the earliest songs I can remember hearing. I loved it before I had any real idea of music as a wider concept, before I began to intellectualise it, idolise it, before I became pretentious.

I am not sure why but it came into my head this week for the first time in years. So I have been listening to it over and over and feeling like I am 11 years old again. I really enjoy feeling a connection with my younger, more naive self. Sometimes it feels as though he never existed.

The lyrics are still an inscrutable mystery to me, but I like to think they are profound and there are some subtle but excellent guitar riffs and vocal harmonies to listen out for.

There’s a small boat made of china going nowhere on the mantelpiece. Do I lie like a lounge room lizard or do I sing like a bird released?

Sorry about the gash video, it was the best I could find.


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