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The Bamboos – Keep Me In Mind

In 2011 I went through a real phase of discovering Australian music that got me excited. I was reminded of this fact while sitting beside two scary members of the Aussie boxing team on a flight from Istanbul to Dublin yesterday. Also, it got me thinking that I haven’t heard anything from Down Under in ages that moved me.

This isn’t new but I really liked it at the time and never got around to posting it. The Bamboos are from Melbourne and this is taken from their excellent 2010 album 4.

The Bamboos:

The Bamboos


Mos Def – Umi Says

This is one of my favourite hip hip tracks. I can remember recording it onto a cassette from the radio and being utterly beguiled by it’s mellow, hypnotic sounds. Still to this day if I am feeling a little agitated (which is more often than I would like) it is one of the first tracks I think of to put me back on an even keel.

I have been meaning to post it for ages but especially since posting Mos Def a few weeks back. It is taken from his excellent 1999 debut album Black on Both Sides.

Mos Def – Black on Both Sides:

Mos Def - Black on Both Sides/RjK

Tree* – Stuck Down The Wrong Rabbit Hole

I don’t know too much about these guys but I heard this track on the radio recently and it knocked me out. I loved the upbeat, dreamy sound.

From what I can tell Tree! are an multimedia art collective (whatever that means) from San Francisco and this track is taken from their recently released Demons EP which is a collaboration with Beat Culture.

Tree – Demons:

Tree - Demons/RjK

*Artist #726

dÉbruit* – Nigera What? | (NAT)

I stumbled across this track while meandering through YouTube links earlier in the week. It is taken from Parisian DJ (or “Synth Magician” accoring to RA) dÉbruit’s 2009 EP Spatio Temporel.

I really love it’s contemporary take on that classic world music sound.



*Artist #724

Santana* – Black Magic Woman

CjK Guest Post – Summer Cover #12

When you think about ‘Black Magic Woman’ I suspect you do not think about Fleetwood Mac. This song was written by Peter Green that first appeared as a Fleetwood Mac single in various countries in 1968.  In 1970, it became a classic hit by Santana, as sung by Gregg Rolie, on their Abraxas album. The outstanding guitar work and slinky vocals on this make it everyone’s go to version.


Carlos Santana/CjK

*Artist #723

Shadez Of Brooklyn* – Change

This was a track that I discovered during while binging on Hip Hop over the weekend. I hadn’t hear of the band before but I really enjoyed it’s simple hook and languid rhymes.

Shadez of Brooklyn:

Shadez of Brooklyn/RjK

*Artist #722