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21st October 2012

Aphex Twin* – Alberto Balsam

I caught up with regular guest contributor Matt over the weekend who is my main man for all things minimal and mellow having introduced me to Grouper, who has subsequently become a blog favourite.

Mellow is definitely what I like to aim for on Sunday evenings and this certainly fits that mould well. Richard D. James who is better know as Aphex Twin is a prominent DJ and maker of ambient music. Matt also pointed out that there is a pretty good steel band version of this track.


*Artist #540

20th October 2012

The Jackson Five* – I want you back

As I mentioned I was in Oxford today for a wedding in beautiful Hertford College. It’s certainly nicer that Hertford, Hertfordshire which I had the dubious pleasure of spending a significant amount time travelling through in a past life.

I wanted to post a positive “wedding” kind of track. It doesn’t get more feel good than this! I don’t normally go for live versions but I couldn’t resist this. How young does Michael Jackson look!?


*Artist #539

19th October 2012

Earth, Wind and Fire* – That’s the way of the world (GPF)

Classic smooth 70’s track from Disco titans Earth, Wind and Fire.

I hope you have a great weekend, I am off to Oxford this evening for a wedding tomorrow. Should be a fun night.

Hearts of fire creates love desire. Take you higher and higher…

*Artist #537

18th October 2012

Sorie Kondi* – Without Money, No Family (NAT)

I had the pleasure of hearing blind Sierra Leone singer Sorie Kondi being interviewed by Lamin Fofana on WFMU last week. Creole must be one of the most lyrical languages I’ve ever heard spoken.

He played this track during the interview and I enjoyed just about as much as anything I have heard thus far in 2012. It is so pure that it filled me with joy when I heard it. Additionally, the video contains some amazing scenes.

I seem to have been going through  a real World Music phase in recent weeks. There is just something so refreshing about it.


*Artist #536

17th October 2012

Anthony and The Johnsons* – Fistful of love

This is a favourite from I Am a Bird Now, which won the Mercury Prize in 2005, beating albums by Coldplay and Bloc Party amoungst others.

Anthony Hegarty’s voice isn’t a classically great one but it manages to convey real feeling, which is perfectly illustrated in this track, which also features Lou Reed on guest vocals.

Also, as I have mentioned many times before I am a real sucker for some horns and I think they are used to excellent effect here. It’s not just a soul stomper that benefits from a blast of sax.


*Artist #535

16th October 2012

Boz Scaggs* – Miss Riddle

I am not really sure how to follow Rory’s post from yesterday!

This is nice and smooth, some mellow mid week listening. I am a sucker for horns. Interesting note about Boz Scaggs (I didn’t know this until just now) is that he was a member and sometime lead singer of The Steve Miller Band.

So cool, so clear, so nonchalant, so absolutely what I want…


*Artist 534

15th October 2012

Lovebug Starski* – Say what you want to say (Rory McDermott guest post)

I often wondered what the crew of the Starship Enterprise listened to when they shook off their nylon suits on the dancefloor bridge/deck. Otherworldly, 80’s futuristic.

I can’t prove it but I am pretty confidant the guy with the funny mangled forehead produced this track somewhere deep in outer space with one eye on the rap culture on planet earth.

This song is progressive. Electronica and rap over a weeping guitar. Light years; I’m not sure, but at least 30 years ahead of The XX etc.

*Artist #533

14th October 2012

Nina Simone – Mr. Bojangles

Some more mellow Sunday night listening. There are several versions of this track but this is my favourite (Nina is hard to beat). There is a wisfulness to it that feels heartfelt and I find it rather moving. I guess that is the test of any good music, that it makes you feel something.


13th October 2012

Burial and Four Tet – Ego featuring Thom Yorke

It has been a rather mellow week on the music front for me (Salt-n-Pepa excluded). This is another minimal track, which I think uses Radiohead front man Thom Yorke’s voice to excellent effect. I really like the quiet, hypnotic sound.

Burial is a south London DJ who was a pioneer of Dub Step music. This is the second track I have posted in recent months that features Four Tet’s input after his remix of the Malian song from a few weeks ago.


12th October 2012

Salt-n-Pepa featuring En Vogue* – Whatta Man (GPF)

This is rather cheesy (it is Friday) but has an irresistible groove. I have to confess that I was out for a run (don’t laugh) during the week and when this came on my MP3 player it put a spring in my step.


*Artist #532