Daily Archives: October 17, 2012

17th October 2012

Anthony and The Johnsons* – Fistful of love

This is a favourite from I Am a Bird Now, which won the Mercury Prize in 2005, beating albums by Coldplay and Bloc Party amoungst others.

Anthony Hegarty’s voice isn’t a classically great one but it manages to convey real feeling, which is perfectly illustrated in this track, which also features Lou Reed on guest vocals.

Also, as I have mentioned many times before I am a real sucker for some horns and I think they are used to excellent effect here. It’s not just a soul stomper that benefits from a blast of sax.


*Artist #535

16th October 2012

Boz Scaggs* – Miss Riddle

I am not really sure how to follow Rory’s post from yesterday!

This is nice and smooth, some mellow mid week listening. I am a sucker for horns. Interesting note about Boz Scaggs (I didn’t know this until just now) is that he was a member and sometime lead singer of The Steve Miller Band.

So cool, so clear, so nonchalant, so absolutely what I want…


*Artist 534