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30th August 2012

Janka Nabay & the Bubu Gang* – Feba (NAT)

After a week of classic tracks and artists New Artist Thursday (as always) brings something a little bit different!

Janka Nabay is a native of Sierra Leone and proponent of Bubu music, a frenetic type of dance music from his home country. The Bubu gang are a band of US collaborators (mostly hip NYC residents) and I think the cultural melting pot produces something pretty great, a little like the Owiny Sigoma Band who are a London/Kenya fusion.


*Artist #510

29th August 2012

Four Tops – I can’t help myself

After a classic Stax track yesterday (in fact Sam and Dave’s final release on the label), I wanted to balance it out with a Motown stomper. And I will never get worried about posting too many classic Soul tunes.

Even though this perhaps feels a little naive now, it is still irresistibly smooth. This era produced so many amazing vocal groups, both male and female. The harmonies, the harmonies! They speak to me in a way few other things on this earth can compare to.


28th August 2012

Sam and Dave – I thank you

Maybe I should change the past few days to be called classic week.

Stax legends Sam and Dave are one of my soul favourites. How could they not be? They were nicknamed The Sultans of sweat (!!!) or Double Dynamite, which probably sums them up more eloquently than I could hope to.

They really dial up the funk here, registering high on my basic scale of making me want to move.


27th August 2012

T Rex* – Cosmic Dancer

Classic track #3.

This is, to my mind, a perfect 70’s track. It is languid and eclectic yet  there is also something quite quaint about the whole thing. It is taken from the 1971 album Electric Warrior, which is well worth a listen.

I danced myself right out the womb. Is it strange to dance so soon?…

*Artist #509

26th August 2012

Dion* – Runaround Sue

Another classic tune, following on from yesterday’s post.

Dion is not who I expected him to be. The fist time I heard this I certainly didn’t picture the singer as an Italian guy from the Bronx! His was an interesting story, in that he managed to become a successful musician despite having been addicted to heroin since his mid-teens.


*Artist #508

25th August 2012

The Beach Boys – Barbara Ann

I think the past week’s music might be my favourite of 2012 so far. However, as I have mentioned before, like a magpie I am naturally drawn to that which is shiny and new. It was pointed out to me that despite my enthusiasm recent selections have been a little esoteric and that I shouldn’t neglect the classics. Well, it doesn’t get much more classic than The Beach Boys.

If you give me half a chance I will be sure to tell you that The Beach Boys are much more than sunny pop tunes like Surfing’ USA (Pet Sounds takes my breath away). However when it comes to sunny pop tunes I don’t know many better, and Barbra Ann is a perfect example.

Expect a few more old favourites over the coming days…


24th August 2012

Color me Badd* – I wanna sex you up (GPF)

I know this is naff, but the vocals. The vocals. There is something about the harmony that is irresistible. Sam Cooke and The Soul Stirrers for the 90’s? Just a somewhat different subject matter!

Also, how 90’s is the video? LOVE it…

Have a great weekend!


*Artist #508

23rd August 2012

Twin Shadow* – Five Seconds (NAT)

I love this! It’s so energetic and urgent. It also has a wonderful 80’s synth vibe, which is just in my wheelhouse. It makes me want to move.

I have already decided that it’s going to be my weekend anthem.

There is a music video for this song and it’s suitably weird, however it has a 90 second theatrical introduction!
*Artist #507

22nd August 2012

Lee Fields and The Expressions – Wish you were here

North Carolina native Lee Fields has.been releasing music since 1969! This, like all his music is raw. It’s taken from his 2012 album Faithful Man.

How long ‘till I see your face?…


21st August 2012

Moodymann – Why do U feel?

This has been my fix so far this week. The sample has completely infected my brain, it is so smooth and hypnotic I can’t listen to it enough.

Moodymann is a Detroit based DJ who seems to take inspiration and influence (as you can hear in this) from many different genres. I posted another track of his earlier in the year and it has a similarly perfect sample.