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Arcade Fire* – The Suburbs

I am by no means an Arcade Fire devotee, but I like them enough to be surprised that I hadn’t gotten around to posting them until today.

I am a little late on this track too as it was released a couple of years ago now, but it stuck with me. The track has a wistful air and a sense of longing that I can relate to when I think about growing up in a small town. I have been listening to it recently because I am feeling nostalgic as I pack up my life in London and get ready to move to Dublin next week. One adventure ends, another begins…

*Artist #481

9th July 2012

Vatican Shadow* – Bin Laden’s corpse

The first thing that struck me about this song was it’s name – Bin Laden’s corpse (taken from the album Washington Buries Al Qaeda Leader At Sea) might be the strangest title (and album name) I have encountered. Despite this, the more I listened to it the more I enjoyed it.

It’s sparse and hypnotic and soothed me through Monday morning. I don’t know too much about this artist beyond: “Minimal synth industrial project of Dominick Fernow concerning the Muslim Middle East and America’s involvement therein.” from Last FM.


*Artist #480

8th July 2012

M83 – Intro (featuring Zola Jesus)

This is the first track of the spectacular 2011 album Hurry up, We’re dreaming. I already posted Midnight City, the second track, which was number 3 in my top 30 of 2011. Both are urgent and coruscating and I can’t get enough of them and the whole album.


The Coup – ShoYoAss

Feel good party tune from Oakland agitators The Coup. Radical politics isn’t necessarily something I associate too often with Hip Hop but these guys certainly have an agenda and (sometimes) interesting, articulate things to say.

However, I like them best, as here, when they just concentrate on dialling up the funk. The base here is just relentless making it a perfect Saturday night anthem. Also, I’m not sure I’ve heard a better DJ name than Pam the funkstress.


6th July 2012

Damien Marley* – The Master Has Come Back (GPF)

This song popped into my head when I saw a poster advertising a concert at the O2 arena to celebrate 50 years of Jamaican independence, which Damian Marley is headlining. Somehow is seems strange that Britain still had an empire only 50 years ago. I know it to be true but it feels like it should have been much longer ago.

Interesting fact about Damian Marley – his mother was Miss World in 1976. He clearly has some pretty solid genes!

This track is a solid party tune. High energy and full of rhythm, it makes me want to move. What more could you want for a Friday night?

Have a great weekend!


*Artist #479

5th July 2012

Kotki Dwa* – Poison (NAT)

These guys were something of a recent discovery for me via The Guardian, even though they seem to have been about for a while. Their name is derived from a Polish lullaby, which is as good a way to name a band as any.
This track is taken from their recently released Staytcations album. It’s perhaps a little light but it’s certainly energetic and fun. The organ and guitar riff work together to excellent, infectious effect.
Wow! There’s a light show over your house…
*Artist #478

4th July 2012

Lauryn Hill – Doo-Wop (That thing)

There have been some details of Lauryn’s chaotic personal life on the internet and in the press recently along with the tantalising prospect of some new material from her.

This made me revisit the spectacular 1998 album The miseducation of… to which I am still eagerly awaiting for a follow up (other than a misguided live album). This was one of the stand out tracks. It is classic, late-90’s r’n’b.

Happy independence day to all my American friends out there.  


3rd July 2012

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars* – Mother In Law

There is an interesting story about these guys, in that they were formed while all were refugees from the conflict that ravaged Sierra Leone in the 90’s.

This track contains all the ingredients that make up a classic world music tune; Heavy Horns, Tinny, infectious guitar and joyous, uplifting vocals. It doesn’t really get much better. If you are interested you can download it for free here.  


*Artist #477

2nd July 2012

Alabama Shakes* – Hold On

This was another track I first heard while trawling some ‘best of 2012 so far…’ lists. I may be a little late on it as it has a very radio friendly sound so I suspect it has been receiving lots of air play already. Still an excellent, feel good song though.

It has a classic, old fashioned rock sound. It reminds me of Kings of Leon and Yuck (good band, terrible name), who I posted last year.


*Artist #476

1st July 2012

T.E.E.D.* – Garden (Calibre Remix) (Dom Ayliffe guest post)

I liked this track the moment I first heard it and it’s subsequently become one of the most listened to tracks on my iTunes collection.

I’m a big fan of drum n bass, and I must credit London Elektricity’s Hospital Record Podcasts for introducing me to this gem. I think it’s a perfect example of how many diverse emotions can be evoked by music from this genre.

Those haunting chords, the hopeful vocals and the undulating bassline all woven together with a clinical drum beat. Put this on some speakers with decent bass and enjoy my Sunday chill out song.


*Artist #475