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20th July 2012

Eve featuring Gwen Stefani* – Let me blow ya mind (GPF)

I heard this last Friday night when I was out having a few leaving drinks. I was reminded of what a great tune it is. What a rare treat to hear an all female hip hop tune.
Two other things stand out on this track; First, the amazing hook, hitting you right from the start, it is infectious and makes me want to move. Secondly, the video has a certain kitschy charm. Particularly as Eve rhymes to the camera while driving what appears to be a souped up quad bike!


*Artist #490

19th July 2012

Alexander Holland* – The Best of Me (NAT)

This is just so upbeat and full of energy it I find it irresistibleI love how it melds together a modern house sound with a classic disco flavour. It also matches my mood as I prepare to leave London tomorrow. I’ve moved beyond feeling sad to be leaving to being excited for the new challenge that awaits me in Dublin.
Alexander Holland is a DJ hailing from (to quote Resident Advisor) “the great city of Adelaide, Australia, with it’s meager but passionate wine loving population of 1 million.”
Best of me? I’m gonna get the best of you…
*Artist #489

18th July 2012

Abyssinia Infinite* – Gole

This is a track by Ethiopian singer Gigi from an album she did called Zion Roots as part of a collaboration called Abyssinia Infinite. I love it’s restless energy (something I can readily relate to at the moment) and that distinctly timeless African sound.


*Artist #488

17th July 2012

KiNK featuring Rachel Row* – Hand made

After a few retro tunes in a row I thought I should take things in a different direction. Some Bulgarian deep house? That will do it! I love this track’s energetic, summery sound especially when it shifts into another gear (~ 4mins in) halfway through.

There is also a cool video here about how it was made which give a good insight about how a DJ mixes a song together and house music in general. Something to aspire to…

I am in the midst of a busy week. Packing is never fun. I have been surprised at the emotional toll it has been taking on me. Fitting four years of your life into a suitcase is tough!


*Artist #487

16th July 2012

Seal* – Crazy

This is one of the very earliest songs I can remember with my father playing it on cassette on summer holidays and journeys to and from primary school.
*Artist #486

15th July 2012

The Blue Nile – Tinseltown in the rain

Posting Orange Juice earlier in the week made me think of this, from my favourite Glasgow band and in fact one of my favourites of all time, The Blue Nile. It has an utterly classic 80’s sound and is perfect mellow Sunday night listening.


14th July 2012

The Falcons* – You’re so fine

I was listening to an interview with Stax great Eddie Floyd on 6music tonight as I was packing, and he mentioned that he was in this band. I had never heard of them so it inspired me to investigate and I’m very glad I did.

This track was released in 1959, in the period where early rock’n’roll and gospel were leading to soul music and you can hear both influences here, especially in the purity of vocals.

In other news I came across this rather random sight in London this week. I’m not entirely sure what it was in aid of but I quite like it’s rather tongue in cheek quality:


*Artist #485

13th July 2012

Heatwave* – Boogie Nights

Rather unbelievably it is my last Friday night in London before moving to Dublin. As such, I plan to go out with a bang this evening and wanted something to set the mood. When I am looking to set this tone I go in two directions – Hip Hop (that is up tempo, old school or preferably both) and, as in this case, Disco. The majority of my party anthems come from these two sources. 

As it happened I woke up with this song in my head anyway so it was a relatively easy decision (especially given how amazing the video is). It may be a long evening… 
I also like the below Youtube comment which was left on the video. Simple but to the point: 
The 00s “Music is crap these days” ~ Older generation 
The 90s “Music is crap these days” ~ Older generation 
The 80s “Music is crap these days” ~ Older generation  
The 70s “Music is crap these days” ~ Older generation 
The 60s “Music is crap these days” ~ Older generation… 

Boogie nights. Ain’t no doubt, we are here to party… 
*Artist #484

12th July 2012

Orange Juice* – Rip it up (NAT)

This is not strictly speaking a new band (although to my surprise I haven’t posted OJ before). It just felt appropriate to post something orange today. The 12th of July will forever make me think of home, regardless of far from it I am (and despite how banal things in Ardoyne may appear this evening).

This track is one of my very favourites from the 80’s, probably in my top 5 which is very rarefied air. Orange Juice are one in a long line of richly-talented Glasgow bands and they brought the fantastic Edwyn Collins (who I posted last year) to prominence. Pretty special video here too.


*Artist #483

11th July 2012

The Temper Trap* – Fader

This is a little light but full of energy and quite fun. It came on my MP3 player this morning on my way to work and it has been stuck in my head all day.
The Temper Trap are and Australian indie band who make radio-friendly (should that now be Youtube-friendly?) tunes.
Talk don’t change a thing…
*Artist #482