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30th July 2012

Nas* – Memory Lane (sittin’ in da park)

I love this.

Can’t believe I hadn’t gotten around to posting Nas yet. Illmatic, the album this is taken from, was one of the first rap albums that really made me sit up and take notice. It’s also a pretty awesome album title.

I still count the sample here as one of my all time favourites. I’m just speechless when I try to work out how how they got from here to there. It still sounds so fresh nearly 20 years later.

In other news here is some further proof that Boris Johnson has a way with words. It certainly raised a chuckle, particularly #19.


*Artist  #498

29th July 2012

The Drums – How it ended

I like just about everything about this track. The sound is both fresh and energetic yet retro (a great 80’s vibe) and the video is also great, with some strong scenes of London (I’m a particular sucker for that just at the moment).

The Drums are probably of my favourite band of the decade so far. I find it hard to say that with too much conviction as I don’t tend to hold hard and fast views about these kind of things. They are always subject to constant revision. However, given they have released two records I love (this is from last year’s Portamento) and put on by far the best show I have seen in the past couple of years (@The Garage in Islington) I am struggling to think of a credible alternative. Any other suggestions?


Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings* – Nobody’s baby

NYC singer Sharon Jones is one of the few contemporary artists I know that makes soul music worthy of the name and heritage of Stax, Motown and the rest. This song is full of sass, which is pretty cool and reminds me a little of the Sunshine Anderson song I posted a while ago only with a much more classic sound.

I ain’t nobody’s baby, I ain’t nobody’s fool…


*Artist #497

27th July 2012

N-Trance* – Set you free

I have been wanting to post this since I revisited JX, another classic of the genre (mid-90’s cheesy, up tempo dance). If these two don’t make you want to jump around the room, I’m not I will be able to help you. They have the added lustre for me of being reminders of some happy and carefree schooldays.

I had a successful (and surprisingly sun kissed) morning in Dublin. As of Wednesday I will be a resident of Ranelagh, Dublin. Hope you have a great weekend.


*Artist #496

26th July 2012

The Drum* – /SYS

I first heard about Chicago based duo The Drum when Lamin Fofana (a DJ who’s radio show on WFMU I very much enjoy) tweeted about them. I love this track’s sound. It sounds like it’s from another planet, in a really good way.

I have a fun day of house hunting in Dublin ahead of me tomorrow. Hopefully by the time tomorrow’s post is written I will have found somewhere to live. Perhaps I will be in the mood for something cheesy to celebrate!

In other news, I saw The Dark Knight rises tonight. It has been a while since I have gotten excited about a seeing movie and it certainly lived up to my expectations. I have to start wearing more black…


*Artist #495

25th July 2012

The xx* – Angels

This is the new offering from London indie-heads The xx. I previously haven’t been quite as sold on these guys as some critics I’ve read, but I like this. A lot.

I thought it would be a good idea to post something a little more current after recieving some feedback that I had posted a few older “naff” tunes recently. Thanks for that Davy…


*Artist #494

24th July 2012

The Supremes – Stoned Love

It’s been too long since I last posted some soul music and far, far too long since I last posted The Supremes, who are my favourite Motown band. Maybe even my favourite band full stop. It really doesn’t get much better than the melodies and vocal harmony in this track.

A pretty good video here too with some super images of Motown’s heyday. I am sure that I’m in a very small minority of people that longs to visit Detroit (I don’t read many good reports) so I can see Hitsville USA. I’ll make it there someday though, some way.


23rd July 2012

Luke Million* – Arnold

I’m not really sure what to say about this! This is strange and a more than a little kitschy but at the same time very infectious. Despite being released fairly recently it has a timeless catchy, disco sound with a bizarre video to match.
Luke Million is an Australian DJ (I seem to have posted a lot of Antipodeans recently) who is part of a disco collective called The Swiss.
I have been enjoying a relaxing couple of days at my parent’s house. It’s been nice to take it easy before really getting into gear for my move to Dublin. Still lots to do but I’m not thinking about that just at the moment!
Down, up, down, up, down. Come on, more energy…
*Artist #493

22nd July 2012

Glen Campbell* – Wichita Lineman

I am certainly no country music fan. However, I heard this recently and was reminded of it’s wonderful nostalgic quality. This spoke to me as I am feeling a little nostalgic myself at the moment as I spend a few days relaxing in my childhood home before I move down to Dublin.

And the Wichita lineman is still on the line…


*Artist #492

21st July 2012

KRS One* – MC’s act like they don’t know

I’m just back from a wedding at the very scenic Castle Leslie. Big day! Fun times even if I am starting to feel a little bit of wedding fatigue.

A good friend sent me this track earlier in the week as a reminder of the times when we both discovered and shared lots of hip hop together. He titled his email “One of the greatest hip hop tunes ever (lyrically anyway)”. I don’t know if I can put it any better than that. It also features beats from the excellent DJ Premier, which is always a treat.

One last interesting thing about this track is that my buddy and I first heard it on a KRS One retrospective compilation that I received one Christmas from my Dad which was both an awesome and unlikely present in just about equal measures!


*Artist #491