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Aswad* – Don’t turn around

For anyone new to the blog, I do something a little different on Thursdays and Fridays. On Thursdays I highlight an artist that is new to the blog and that I have discovered recently and on Fridays I post something I feel a little guilty about enjoying.
This is a feelgood tune for a sunny Friday afternoon. It has been slightly sullied by a poor, mid-90’s Ace of Base cover version but still puts a smile on my face any time I hear it. I vividly remember when I was living in California listening to BBC radio while cooking and dancing around the kitchen full of joy when the DJ played this tune.
What a great video too! Hello leather jackets and waistcoats… 
*Artist #441

10th May 2012

Run DMT* – Spruce Bringsteen (NAT)

A decidedly pun-heavy post today.

Austin band Run DMT seem to make very varied music. From heavy electronica to this, washed out sound. The track reminds me a little of 2011 favourites Real Estate who I posted again earlier in the year. A really fitting video here too.


*Artist #440


Blu and Exile – Blu colla workers

LA rapper Blu was someone I discovered, and posted, last year. Now my relentless quest for new music has eased a little I took the time to revisit his music recently, and really enjoyed it.

This is taken from the 2007 album Below the heavens, which he made in collaboration with the producer Exile. It is typical of the hip hop that speaks to me – funky, energetic beats and clever rhymes delivered with playful yet languid style.



Willis Earl Beal* – Evening’s Kiss

The weekend’s carousing has left me still feeling pretty delicate (yesterday was a very long day). As such, I needed something quiet and gentle to ease my racing mind and this did the trick. I don’t know too much about this guy, other than he is based in Chicago.

I see from his website that he has some shows coming up in London so I might try to go and check him out in person. I will keep you posted.


*Artist #439


Frankie Knuckles* – Your Love

I need to pull myself together…


*Artist #438


Radiohead* – Lotus Flower

Radiohead are a band I feel like I should be into more than I am. I have just never really been able to get it. Maybe they are a bit too bleak for me. The fact that they are the 437th artist I have posted on here probably says it all.

I do like this though and their downbeat, mellow sound is probaby right for this morning. I have felt better! The Spanish beer went down easily last night. It is taken from their latest record, The King of Limbs.

Barcelona has been very fun. I got to see Lionel Messi score four goals in Pep Guardiola´s final home game. The Nou Camp is very impressive. And I am in one piece so far which is a bonus!


*Artist #437


Beastie Boys* – Intergalactic

Very sad news. The BB’s were hip hop pioneers. Great, offbeat video here.



*Artist 436


Cheryl Lynn* – Got to be real (GPF)

This is the definition of a feelgood track. Classic disco, with ridiculous over the top vocals. As I try to get myself in the mood for a very early flight to Barcelona this is putting a smile on my face and setting the correct tone. Hopefully it will be a fun (if almost certainly hectic) weekend.

Sorry if there is an interruption to normal service while I am away. I will try to find an internet cafe but that might be a challenge! If not I am back Tuesday so will get caught up then. See you on the other side.



*Artist #435


Francis Bebey* – New Track (NAT)

There has been a bit of a world music drought on the blog of late, so I thought I would feature this today. Like all the world music I love it is simple and joyful. Really, you can’t ask much more from a song.
Francis Bebey was a real renaissance man. Born in Cameroon, he was a writer and sculptor as well as make great music like this. This track is taken from a compilation of his I have been listening and enjoying recently.
So I am readying myself for a weekend in Barcelona on a friend’s stag do. Does anyone have any tips, for sightseeing or just plain survival?

*Artist #434

Jai Paul – Jasmine (Demo)

This guy finally has some new material (that I can find on youtube)! It has been a long wait since he put out my favourite track of 2011 at the end of 2010. I really like this, just like BTSTU it is quiet and smooth. There is something both retro and contemporary about it which makes it great.

It sounds like it should be on the soundtrack to the movie Drive. I can definitely imagine The Driver cruising around full of quiet, brooding intensity and listening to this as it slowly builds and builds.