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21st May 2012 (R.I.P. Robin Gibb)

Bee Gees – Night fever

It has been a bad week for the titans of Disco. I have been listening to the Bee Gees all day following the sad news about Robin Gibb. It doesn’t get much better than those harmonies.

After a very busy spell, I feel for the first time in a while today that I have my feet under me. Hopefully I can translate this into something productive.


20th May 2012

Prefab Sprout – The king of Rock ‘n’ roll

Classic 80’s track, these guys really know how to put together a catchy tune. Great video here too, perfectly of it’s time. 

When she looks at me and laughs, I remind her of the facts. I’m the king of rock’n’roll. Completely…

Short post today. Feeling pretty jaded after a big weekend, a big month really. I had an excellent day yesterday, despite the disappointing result. The Ulster fans made for a wonderful atmosphere and the team should be proud of a great season. They just came up against a superior side on the day. 


19th May 2012 (R.I.P. Donna Summer)

Donna Summer* – Dim all the lights

Sad news about Donna Summer during the week. She was a real disco icon.

Big day today, just about to run out the door to meet a few buddies before the game. I am pretty excited for both the match and catching up with lots of old friends. Hopefully Ulster can squeak a win. 


*Artist #448

18th May 2012

The Doobie Brothers* – What a fool believes

This is a bit cheesy, but hard to dislike. Some great vocal harmony, not too mention facial hair here too. Also, a pretty enjoyable video. The “special effects” seem pretty funny now.

A big weekend ahead. Half of Ireland is descending on London for the European Rugby Cup final between Ulster (my team) and Leinster. Should be a fun and raucous weekend. There will be plenty of banter (and Guinness) to be had. If anyone wants an insight into Ulster humour, a friend of mine sent me this video earlier in the week. 


*Artist #447

17th May 2012

TV Girl* – Lizzy come back to life (NAT)

This is probably the best new track I have heard in a while. I have been listening to it endlessly this week. TV girl are from San Diego and have a lo-fi, washed out sound that remind me a little of Best Coast, who were favourites from last year. This track is taken from their new EP Benny and the Jetts (nice Elton John reference there, another great track). It makes me want to MOVE…

Very sad news today about Donna Summer, look out for a track by her over the weekend. Does anyone have any particular favourite of hers to recommend?


*Artist #446

CFCF* – Big Love

A mid-week energy boost. This is a track that I first heard in Austin when I was there for SXSW festival a couple of years ago. It has a real upbeat, feelgood sound.


*Artist #445 


Taj Mahal* – Satisfied ‘n Tickled Too


Taj Mahal is an interesting artist whose work spans many decades and genres. He made music, such as this, that transformed the blues. You can really hear the Caribbean influence here, it is perfectly languid.

The lil’ red hen said to the lil’ red rooster “Rooster, you don’t come round my chicken shack as much as you used to”…

In other news I discovered this interesting blog: Has anyone seen it before? It has a certain random charm. Something to aspire to for me.


*Artist #444


When saints go machine* – Kelly

This is so infectious. It has been crawling over my brain all weekend, in a good way.
When The Saints go machine are a fairly new Danish band. Somehow when I found out they were Scandinavian I wasn’t surprised. They have a slightly esoteric, synth-heavy sound that seems to be typical of a lot of music from there I have heard recently. Something about them reminds me of Icelandic band FM Belfast who I posted last year.
*Artist #443


Arthur Conley* – Sweet soul music

I felt it was the right thing to post a Stax song today after hearing the sad news about Donald “Duck” Dunn, of Stax and Blues Brothers fame. And what a song this is! It might have the greatest intro ever. It certainly must be up there anyway.

Had a nice family lunch in Maze today, really good to see everyone. I would definitely recommend it, especially if someone else is paying! 


*Artist #442

12th May 2012

Michael Jackson – You rock my world

Damn, London feels like a different city when it stops raining and the sun comes out!

I feel a little guilty to be posting this ahead of some of the groundbreaking music MJ made in the 80’s and 90’s. However, I have had a soft spot for this since being very excited to see a “world exclusive” of the video on Top of the Pops back in the day.

I am struck now as I was then – Michael Jackson can flat out move. Also, how many music videos can Marlon Brando have featured in? Not too many I would guess. I actually really like the song too. It is expertly produced pop music and I can’t hear it without wanting to move myself.