Daily Archives: May 27, 2012

27th May 2012

The Young Rascals* – Groovin’

I was reminded of this track by a good friend yesterday. It is a perfectly languid track for a sunny Sunday afternoon. Also, could the video here be more perfectly 60’s?

I have had a pretty lethargic day, but it has been a welcome opportunity to relax after a very busy few weeks. 


*Artist #451

26th May 2012

Arrested Development – Mr.Wendall

A perfect summer tune as it felt like it had finally arrived to London today. It is remarkable how different it feels on a sunny weekend.

Had a solid day, went to see the Lucian Frued exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. It was excellent, a little jarring in places but, as always, it was some welcome cultural stimulation. I followed it up with a burger at Meatmarket in Covent Garden, which was also very enjoyable even if it left me feeling a little guilty about the number of calories.