Daily Archives: May 1, 2012

Sébastien Tellier* – La Ritournelle

It sure doesn’t feel like the 1st day of May in London! I was greeted to a deluge of near biblical proportions this morning as I stepped out the door to work. Jackpot.
Giles Peterson’s played this on his 6music show on Saturday. He was interviewing legendary Nigerian afrobeat drummer Tony Allen, who features on the track.
It was a blast from the past as I listened to it a lot at university but had largely forgotten it. It is strange how only Europeans can get away with singing lyrics that are somewhat banal yet make them sound mystical!
Sébastien Tellier seems like an interesting cat. He went from producing this, which I happen to think is pretty great, to representing France in (the kitsch-fest known as) The Eurovision. This makes it a little tough for me to take him seriously. A little like Stevie Wonder syndrome, should sins in his later career diminish an earlier, great song? He does get plus points for his prodigious beard though.
*Artist #433