Monthly Archives: May 2012

31st May 2012

Gerry Read* – 90’s Prostitution Racket (NAT)

Not sure what the title of this track is about, or the wrestling video here. However, I have been really enjoying it all week. It is a dark, washed out reimagining of an 80’s Cathy Dennis tune. Again it has the the winning combination of being both fresh and retro.

I know next to nothing about the artist (can anyone enlighten me?). I found virtually nothing about him online beyond the fact that he is young and from the UK.


*Artist #455

30th May 2012

Jet Life* – 1st place

Jet Life is the crew of New Orleans rapper Curren$y (love the “$”, could that be any more bling?). This is a classic party tune, I imagine it tearing up a sweaty dancefloor. The languid hook and easy bravado in the lyrics is interesting in a somewhat lurid way. It reminds me of this track I posted last year, which also features an amazing sample.

If samples are something that interest you as they do me, this website is worth checking out. It is a great resource for identifying where great beats originated.


*Artist #454

29th May 2012

Brendan Benson* – Metarie

I really like this simple, pure little song. It feels true to me. Hearing it I am reminded a little of the Ron Sexsmith tune I posted last year.

I don’t know too much about Brendan Benson beyond this song, which was a favourite from my university days. Not sure why, but I was reminded of it over the weekend and it has left me feeling a little wistful.

Met a girl, introduced myself. I asked her go to with me and no one else. She said “I’d really like to see you everyday, but I’m afraid of what my friends might say”…


*Artist #453

28th May 2012

The Versatones* – Bila

And now for something completely different! I heard this wacky and manic doo wop tune on Downtown Soulville a few weeks ago and it has been rattling around my brain ever since. It is so upbeat and infectious, a heady combination on a sunny, summers day.


*Artist #452

27th May 2012

The Young Rascals* – Groovin’

I was reminded of this track by a good friend yesterday. It is a perfectly languid track for a sunny Sunday afternoon. Also, could the video here be more perfectly 60’s?

I have had a pretty lethargic day, but it has been a welcome opportunity to relax after a very busy few weeks. 


*Artist #451

26th May 2012

Arrested Development – Mr.Wendall

A perfect summer tune as it felt like it had finally arrived to London today. It is remarkable how different it feels on a sunny weekend.

Had a solid day, went to see the Lucian Frued exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. It was excellent, a little jarring in places but, as always, it was some welcome cultural stimulation. I followed it up with a burger at Meatmarket in Covent Garden, which was also very enjoyable even if it left me feeling a little guilty about the number of calories.


25th May 2012

JX* – There’s nothing I won’t do

Classic 90’s dance! If you are of the same vintage as me (and even if not) hearing this must bring a smile to your face. So full of energy, it’s a perfect start to a sunny weekend. It has also whet my appetite for “cream classics”. Look out for a few more on coming Fridays.

Strangely, this also became something of an anthem that my roommate and I shared in California.I think the upbeat and slightly ironic tone struck a perfect chord with me then. I kind of wish I could rediscover a little of that zeal just at the moment. 


*Artist #450

24th May 2012

Hygher Baby* – Let U Go (NAT)

This is perhaps a little cheesy (maybe it would have been better to post tomorrow). However, I love the smooth sound, it reminds me of all the 90’s R’n’B that I am an utter sucker for. I like things that sound retro and current at the same time, it is a neat trick to pull off.


*Artist #449

23rd May 2012

Donny Hathaway – Someday we’ll all be free

Donny Hathaway was such a talent and another who died far too young. I first got into him when I heard his stupendous cover of Jealous Guy by John Lennon, which I posted last year.

The super weather has continued in London today. What is it about sunshine that makes every record sound exponentially better?


22nd May 2012

Daft Punk – One More Time

My mind has been on California this week. I have had some correspondence from a few of my old homies and especially today, as the weather in London has a distinctly more Californian air that of late.

Daft Punk and Berkeley are inextricably linked in my mind. They were a huge part of the soundtrack to my year there, and I memorably saw them play live just before I left. One of the best shows I have ever been to.

This is a perfectly upbeat summer tune. I hope whereever you are listening to this you are in a summery mood. There is also a typically off beat and enjoyable video here.