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12th March 2012

Action Bronson* – Imported Goods

I heard this on a stereo at a houseparty I was at in Kentish Town on Saturday night. I immediately thought it was the legendary Ghostface Killer on the basis of the machine gun cadence and clever, colourful rhymes. But it turned that I was quite wrong, Action Bronson is also from NYC but physically he couldn’t look much different!

I have been hitting this hard for the rest of the weekend, I love the Diana Ross sample and slightly off-beat, dorky video. It has been something of a hip hop purple patch for me of late.

I want my cash stacked higher than the NASDAQ…

Also, while at the party I was talking to a fellow blogger who writes for This Greedy Pig, a pretty interesting fashion and music blog. Something for me to aim at…


*Artist #402