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Stevie Wonder – For once in my life

This is joyous!
I have had a very pleasant few days at home and the weather has even been clement, a rare treat. So it feels right to post something upbeat. It doesn’t get much better and more upbeat than Stevie! What a great tune, if you ever need a spring put in your step I advice you to listen to this. The classic 60’s video here is but an added bonus. 
For once I can say this is mine you can’t take it. As long as I know I have love I can make it. For once in my life I have someone who needs me… 


Diddy – Dirty Money* – Ass on the floor (GPF)

This is defiant. I guess that is the point of posting “guilty pleasures” on Fridays. I know this is interminably naff but it still inexplicably moves me. 

Them haters can’t tell you nothing…


*Artist #413

Jacques Greene* – Another Girl (NAT)

This guy was another who I found reading reviews of this year’s of SXSW festival in Texas. I don’t know too much about him other than he is super fresh and from the musical hotbed that is Montreal.

The track reminds me a little of BTSTU in that it is arresting, electronic and more than a little hypnotic. I hope he come up with a little more to back it up than Jai Paul though. What ever happened to that guy? I clearly gave him the kiss of death! 


*Artist #412

28th March 2012

Fleetwood Mac – Gypsy

As I said last week I have been thinking that my focus has been too fixed on new music of late. You don’t get much more classic than Steely Dan or Fleetwood Mac.


27th March 2012

Bobby Womack* – Please forgive my heart

This is from Bobby Womack’s new record. Yes, you heard that right. It is a collaboration with Damon Albarn and Richard Russell called The bravest man in the universe. His voice still sounds strong and arresting. I was surprised to find that this is the first song of his that I have posted.

In other news I am headed home for a few days. Can’t wait for a relaxing couple of days in the Emerald Isle.


*Artist #411

Gregory Porter* – Illusion

A friend gave me a tip about this guy (thanks Davy). It is always nice to listen to music that comes via a recommendation. I am perhaps guilty of trying too hard to return the favour though!

I really like the sound here, it’s soothing quality has been welcome this morning. It has a refreshingly simple, old school jazz flavour and there is something heartfelt in the vocals. I can imagine him sitting at a grand piano playing it in a smoky bar after midnight.


*Artist #410


Sunshine Anderson* – Heard it all before

This is sassy. Plain and simple.

I am aware it is a little naff, however I heard it today and it made me think of happy school days before I knew any better. I am a real sucker for music from this era.

What were you thinking? Bringing her into our home, in our bed! You must have fell and bumped your head… 


*Artist #409

24th March 2012

Jamie Lidell* – Another Day

It was a perfect spring day in London today and this is a perfect spring track. It is simple and uplifiting and was a good soundtrack as I meandered about enjoying the weather.


*Artist #408


Shola Ama* – You might need somebody

In a humorous moment on Saturday we got a taxi to the stadium before the game. I asked the driver if he had any music he could play. He said “no worries boss, look in the glove compartment”. I found a stash of CD’s – 9 of Pakistani music and the single version of this! An interesting selection to say the least.

It is a little saccharine but I have to confess all 4 of us were humming the tune until we heard Ireland’s call before the start of the game.


 *artist #407

22nd March 2012

Craft Spells* – Still left with me (NAT)

This is 4 minutes of pop perfection. Regardless of how pretentious and jaded I become I will always be an utter sucker for that. This pulls off the neat trick of being at once urgent yet languid at the same time. The melody and heavenly synth remind me a little of a more upbeat version of The Drums or New Order.

These guys are from Stockton, CA. I suspect it is significantly nicer than Stockton-on-Tees which strangely came up during the course of my manic and meandering conversation on Saturday.


*Artist #406