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Kanye West – Good Morning

This is taken from Kanye’s third album, Graduation. It has a very catchy hook but the main reason for me posting it is that it contains what might be my favourite hip hop lyric: 

I’m like the fly Malcolm X, buy any jeans necessary…

Which is high praise considering how rich a genre it is for vibrant language. It works on several levels. Also, an enjoyable video here.



Cherokee* – Take care of you

Just back from a cultural evening hearing Alain de Botton speak about his new book Religion for atheists. The talk was stimulating without being over intelluectualised, a very unusual (for me anyway) and enjoyable Monday night.

Cherokee soothed me through the usual jarring beginning to the week that is Monday morning. It has been said that there is a lack of chilled out electronica featured in the blog. That is mostly because I find a lot of it to be a little bland for my taste. But there is the rare occasion (like the song highlighted by my father) that moves me. It is usually a case of the right song at the correct time. Monday morning is usually that time, and this is no exception. 


*Artist #379


My Bloody Valentine* – Lose my breath (Matt Graham guest post)

My Bloody Valentine are well known for their brilliant yet divisive second album Loveless and the fact that the live performances of that album were so loud it was painful.

The first album that they made, Isn’t Anything, is less well known but well worth a listen. The track that I listen to most off that album is called Lose My Breath. I first became aware of this track through the Destiny’s Child cover, and I’ve been thankful to Beyonce et al ever since.

The contrast between the ominous guitar and drone at the beginning of the track and the soft female vocal is quite intriguing and the chorus (just the word oooo), is simply beautiful.


*Artist #378


Brooks and Jerry* – I got what it takes

This is a perfect, upbeat northern soul stomper. It is impish and infectious, and puts a smile on my face every time I hear it. What more could you ask from a song on a Saturday night?


*Artist #377

27th January 2012

Janet Jackson* – All for you (GPF)

Turns out Michael wasn’t the only one of the Jackson clan to have some pop music game. This is perfectly produced and with great vocals it is simply irresistible. Those amoung you with hawk ears may recognise a sample of The glow of love by Change in there.

*Artist #376


Moodymann* – The thief that stole my sad days…Ya blessin’ me (NAT)

Moodymann is a DJ from Detroit, Michigan who makes thoroughly interesting music. It mashes up genres and styles to pleasing effect. It is mostly quite mellow and good to listen to while relaxing.

I like this tune particularly for the choice samples it contains. It reminds me a little in that regard of a Fatboy Slim song I used to love. 


*Artist #375


The Blue Nile – Heatwave

This came into my head today. The Blue Nile are a less than prolific but wonderful Scottish band. They make music that is subtle and full of feeling. It somehow just seems true. I would highly recommend taking some time to investigate them.

This is taken from A walk across the rooftops, which is one of my very favourite albums of the 1980’s.



Teena Marie – Square Biz

I really enjoyed my musically meandering 2011, stumbling into many tracks that knocked me out whom I couldn’t have imagined liking as I embarked on the voyage in January. One of my frustrations is that it forced my taste to be ephemeral. I never felt as though I could dwell on any particular artist and investigate them fully.

Teena Marie is a perfect example of this. It has taken me until now to get back to giving her a further listen after posting her last January. She makes upbeatm funky music of which this is a perfect example. 

I got the best, the most, baby, from coast to coast and I don’t wanna boast, but I love you Square Biz… 


23rd January 2012

The Drums – I need fun in my life

The Drums are favourites that I came across a couple of years ago. I was lucky enough to twice see them play live in London. They are certainly one of the best lives acts I have ever come across. They put on an energetic and raucous show.

This is taken from their eponymous debut album. It’s haunting sound is reminiscent of Joy Division and highlights the neat trick they seem to have perfected of mixing the spritely and the sombre.  Also that bass. How fresh is that?

I took a walk yesterday all around New York City and I saw something written on a car. It said “The less you own the more freedom you have.” The less you own the more freedom you have. So I went home and I threw it all away…


22nd January 2012

Air – All I need

This is perfect, mellow Sunday night listening. It is taken from the spectacular Moon Safari album by French chill out pioneers Air. Apologies for the slightly strange video, it was the best I could find.