Monthly Archives: December 2011


Hall and Oates – You make my dreams come true

Classic 80’s. I have wanted to post these guys for ages. It was a struggle to choose one song in particular as they have several great tracks but this one is an excellent party tune for a Friday night.


1st December

Batoma Diallo – Bolo Di Yongo Ma

One of the more interesting thing I have discovered this year, as I meandered through my days of youtune, is an affection for world music that I didn’t know existed. I love the joyous purity of African music.

I was listening to a radio show on WFMU (a NYC radio station which I have previously written about) which plays a very eclectic range of music. On this occasion the DJ was playing some choice West African music which was so fresh, with some music from Mali that was particularly inspired. As it happens I could not find the exact song I wanted on youtube (Jah Youssouf & Bintou Coulibaly – Kahlan) but this one is equally fine.