Daily Archives: October 5, 2011

5th October

Grouper – Heavy water / I’d rather be sleeping (Matty Graham guest post)

My name is Matt and I know Rob from my extremely productive and relatively short time working for Tesco. Since then we have regularly shared our taste in music, with our recommendations usually falling on deaf ears, with an occasional exception.

This song is one of those rare exceptions and is by a woman called Liz Harris, who releases music under the name Grouper. It comes from one of my favourite albums, with the cheery name Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill which, according to Wikipedia, was described as “devastatingly beautiful” by one enthusiastic reviewer. I don’t know if I concur with that assessment but this track is quiet and simple and one of the most soothing I know.

I was initially sceptical when Rob told me that listening to one track over and over again is a valid way to spend my time, but since discovering this I’ve come round to his way of thinking.

Finally, one of comments on the youtube video leads me to believe that it has been played on a Skins, and to save face I must add that that wasn’t where I heard it first. Unless Skins is cool, in which case I did hear it there.