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Republic of loose – Comeback girl

These guys are an Irish band with what I think to be a great name. They also have a solid sound, laid back and funky.

I particularly enjoy this track it and random video (Especially the dude fishing in the bathtub! That is the stuff hipster dreams are made of). It was a big favourite of mine when I was at university in Belfast and has remained so since.


Alphabeat – Fascination

It is Saturday. Time to party. This is energetic and fun – all you could ask. They have something of Abba about them, and it’s not just the fact that they are both Scandinavian. It is 3 minutes of pure sunshine, with a video to match. Give it a listen/watch and I dare you not to smile.


Kid Cudi – Man on the moon

Kid Cudi is a bit of an uber hipster, but don’t hold that against him. He makes generally intelligent and catchy hip hop. I really like the slightly off-kilter feel of this.


Fox the fox – Precious little diamond

This is a strange one. Fox the fox are obscure, Dutch, one hit wonders from the 1980’s. However, I have heard this played by 3 DJ’s in the past month. It is great, with a classic 80’s sound, but a rather strange track to be undergoing a revival.

Also, a classic 80’s video here. A little reminscent of this gem.


Tindersticks – Can we start again

This track is a blast from the past for me. It is one I discovered on an album I came across while raiding my father’s record collection when I was much younger and just beginning to discover what music meant to me. It was before I had any real idea about what I liked and was curious about listening to things I had never heard of (this has remained true many years later).

What struck me about this album was what I thought was a pretty good name (Simple Pleasure) and a provocative cover (see below). I was glad it did catch my eye as it was and still is a favourite.



S.C.U.M. – Whitechapel

Computer issues this evening mean this will be a short one. This is another good band with a rubbish name. I hope you can look past that and enjoy the track as I have been over the past few days. It is an urgent and energetic mid-week pick me up.

I can hear is a bit of Suede about them (A very good thing).

15th August

Etta James – I’d rather go blind

This is one of the most powerful songs I have ever encountered. I recently watched an excellent movie about the Chess label, called Cadillac Records where Beyonce plays Etta James. In it she sings a version of this song, and while she is perhaps easier on the ear (and certainly the eye!) she doesn’t quite match the raw emotion and power of Etta’s original.


Jóhann Jóhannsson – The Cause Of Labour Is The Hope Of The World 

This is an epic recording of a brass band playing live in Durham Cathedral (the most impressive building I have ever been in). It was recorded for a BFI tribute to coal miners.

It is soaring yet soothing at the same time. I have listened to it several times in a row now without getting bored of it.



Twin Sister – All around and away we go

This is light and poppy, but also very fun. It also has a video to match. Some Saturday night listening to get us moving. Enjoy.



Roxy Music – Virginia Plain


Classic Roxy Music. Classic 1970’s. Full of pomp and swagger. I am going to try and take the essence of this song out on the town with me tonight.