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DJ Marky and XRS – LK (It’s the way)

I wanted to post something upbeat and energetic as I am looking forward to what will be a busy and fun weekend. I am home for what will be a raucous wedding that will no doubt be full of laughter and high spirits.

This is also apt as it is an old school friend who is getting married and this brings back many happy memories from that period.

The Frames – God bless mom

I wanted to post something Irish today as I have just spent the day in Dublin.
These guys have come into a little prominence after Glen Hansard, the lead singer, starred in a Once a couple of years ago.  I really liked them when I was in my late teens and early twenties, seeing them live quite a few times.

The reason they first piqued my interest was that I saw Glen Hansard when he was supporting Bob Dylan and I walked into the show halfway into his set while he was covering Astral Weeks which is an obscure song from my favourite album of all time and I instantly knew I had to investigate him further.


Brook Benton – Rainy night in Georgia

This is apt for me today – I am back in Ireland for a few days and when I stepped of the plane this morning it was indeed a rainy night in Georgia.

I also really like the song. It has a wistful longing that I can relate to and which seems to come particularly with rain (maybe that is because rain reminds me of home).

My Brightest Diamond – Dragonfly

A friend and fellow music fan recommended this a couple of weeks ago and I have been enjoying it since. He suggested that the singer has has a little of Jeff Buckley in her vocal style and I would agree with that assessment. The song veers back and forth between being dreamy and urgent and is perfect for said vocal.


Dark Dark Dark – Daydreaming

Dark Dark Dark are hipsters from Minnesota that I have heard and read much praise for recently. Tom Ravenscroft (repeatedly) described them as “the best band in the world.” I don’t know if I would be that gushing about them (shock) but I have certainly been enjoying this track of late. It is sombre and atmospheric and this gives it a compelling quality.


Gladys Knight and The Pips – Midnight train to Georgia

Have been busy preparing for a busy week ahead today – sorry for short post. This is a classic soul tune, heartfelt and moving. It was one of the very first soul tunes to register on my musical radar.

Another point to note. I had the interesting experience of eating in a Gladys Knight and Ron Winans chicken and waffles (better than it sounds) restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia a few year ago (see picture below).

Chicken and Waffles:
Chicken and Waffles/RjK


Arthur Russell – This is how we walk on the moon

I heard this last night on Tom Ravenscroft’s radio show, and was transfixed by it. It is minimal but intriguing. I had never heard of Arthur Russell, but I certainly intend to track down some more of his music and find out more. From his wikipedia page he certainly sounds like an interesting character.

I also quite like the video the song is put to here. Images from the 60’s still seem so futuristic and iconic.


The Roots – How I got over

The roots are a great band. I would see them as musical descendents of Gil Scott-Heron, also making making music that is both funky and profound. This is probably my favourite of their’s – soulful and sobering, a powerful mixture.


Saint Germain – Rose Rouge

This song is just plain cool. I love how it is smooth as silk yet rapid and relentless.


The Streets – Weak become heroes

Was reminded of this over the weekend by an old friend. It was a massive tune when I was at university, hearing it brings to my mind a house I used to live in and the guys I lived with.

I like it’s cool beat and strong imagery. It makes me think of heading out for a night on the tiles in a foreign city for the first time, taking in all the sights, sounds and smells.