Daily Archives: May 6, 2011

Dodgy – Good Enough

A couple of days ago I posted an REM track from the first album I remember purchasing. It got me to thinking about the music I liked when I was younger than I can now imagine, before De La Soul blew my mind and opened my eyes to the world of music beyond the limited horizons offered in Northern Ireland in those days. It was a very rich seam of music to mine and expected plenty of music from that era in the coming weeks and months. Britpop may seem a little naff now but you can’t fight nostalgia.

Also there has been some remarkably good weather in London over the past few weeks. I thought it would be good to post 4 minutes of pure sunshine to mark this rare phenomenon.



The Beatles – Revolution

I thought it best to post something slightly less esoteric today. I don’t think there can be many more things as ubiquitously popular as The Beatles. And rightly so.

I agonised about which their songs to post. They made so many great records, from the earlier trailblazing pop to the later, more conscious and world-weary stuff like this. It was all great.

In the end I went for this as George Harrison’s guitar is so startlingly good good. Also, it still sounds really fresh and raw which, given that it was recorded 43 years ago is quite an achievement.