Daily Archives: May 4, 2011

Nguuni Lovers Lovers – Christmas Kitui

And now for something completely different! A few things inspired me to post this by Kenyan band Nguuni Lovers Lovers:

1) It is JOYOUS

2) Paul Simon – As I mentioned I have been listening to Rhythm Of The Saints endlessly recently and the fact it features world music heavily inspired me to do some investigating.

3) Tom Ravenscroft – As I mentioned in a previous post he played a song by these guys which was captivating and motivated me to hunt them down.

4) The video – HOW amazing is it? The couple dancing together in time fills me with such happiness. I need to find myself a dance partner and bust out some of those moves one evening. London won’t know what hit it! Not to mention it generally charming old-fashioned and low budget feel.

5) Sammy – My good friend commented on last night’s post from Namibia. This is for you buddy. I am more jealous than I can convey.

I hope you all enjoy it just as much as I have been.