Monthly Archives: April 2011


Fatboy Slim – Talking ‘bout my baby (Midfield General remix)

This feels like a good song to post today. The sun was indeed big, bright and yellow in London (and also in the less glamerous surrounds of Milton Keynes).

She’s got her hands on her hips, letting her backbone slip, batting her eyes, batting her eyes and looking straight at me, yeah…

9th April

Blu – Amnesia

Posting Nina Simone yesterday made me think of this. It samples Billie Holiday, a singer of the same vintage. This gives the song a really languid feel and I think it works well.

I also think the video is pretty good. It is pretty much the antithesis of the usual hip hop bling which is refreshing.

8th April

Nina Simone – My baby just cares for me

This is smooth as silk and refreshingly old school.

The video is a little inane but at the same time it complements the simplicity of the song.

7th April

Broken Bells – The High Road

This is a collaboration between Dangermouse and James Mercer (lead singer of the Shins). They make an interesting pair that I wouldn’t really have thought would work. But I enjoyed this track a lot.

This sounds really familiar in a way, and it made me think of a couple of bands I have posted recently. The beginning sounds to me a bit like Athlete and the end reminds me of The Bee Gees. What do you think?


Old Crow Medicine Show – Wagon Wheel

This is not the kind of thing that I am normally taken by. However it was recommended by a friend a while ago and, much to my surprise, I really liked it. It’s old fashioned charm and simplicity are hard to resist.


Benoit and Sergio – Walk and Talk

Haven’t been able to stop listening to this for the past 3 days. It is completely hypnotic.

Tiga described this during his 6mix as “My favourite song in the world. Ever.” Nothing like a bit of hyperbole. But at the moment I am struggling to think of anything I like more (or in fact of any other song at all).


Athlete – Westside

Another favourite from University. This was my soundtrack for many a rainy walk to a math lecture.

I also had a memorable night watching these guys play at the Spring and Airbrake (that takes me back) what seems like an eternity ago (probably 2004 or 2005).


LCD Soundsystem – All my friends

These guys played their last ever gig this week. I was a little sad and nostalgic when I heard they were breaking up. They really remind me of an old friend and some happy and carefree times we shared at university in Belfast.


Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo

This track, by London-based DJ Joy Orbison, was a big favourite of mine last year. It is compelling and hypnotic, two qualities I seem to value in songs.