Daily Archives: April 26, 2011

Paul Simon – Spirit Voices

I revisited Rhythm of the saints over the weekend and have been unable to stop listening to it subsequently. I was remiss to neglect it and Graceland when considering my favourite back to back albums recently.

What was odd was that I was able to recite the songs word for word despite the fact I can’t ever remember consciously listening to the album. It must have been a big hit with my dad and while I can’t remember when or where I listened to it (repeatedly, it would seem) I clearly heard it. Is it strange that some of my most vivid memories from my early childhood are musical?

I really struggled to settle on one song (in the end this just shaded it over Born at the right time). It is soft and dreamlike – full of rich images and eclectic sounds from around the globe.

And all of these spirit voices
Sing rainwater, sea water
River water, holy water
Wrap this child in mercy – heal her
Heaven’s only daughter