Monthly Archives: January 2011

Mary Wells – What’s easy for two is so hard for one

This is another one I discovered via Mr.Fine Wine.

I find that songs from this era possess a charming innocence. Perhaps they are a reflection of a simple time – no bling, no pimps or hoes, celebrity guest appearances or needless overproduction. Just pure singing about timeless themes (love won and lost). I find them refreshing.


Passion Pit – Sleepyhead

These guys were one of my big finds from a couple of years ago. This track is full of energy and even if the falsetto singing gives it somewhat of an off-kilter sound it still makes me want to move whenever I hear it.


Aretha Franklin – Day Dreaming

What could I say about Aretha that would do her justice? She is both a legend and a big favourite of mine.

I like this for two reasons – that it is a great song, ethereal and heartfelt but also it doesn’t suffer the same fate as some of the rest of her work in becoming a bit stale and even jaded from overplaying. Every time I hear this is remains fresh.


The Human League – Don’t you want me

This song IS the 80’s and I thought it was about time I mined that decade a little further.

Also You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar must be one of the all time great opening lines.


Phoenix – Too Young

Phoenix are impish Parisian hipsters who make maddeningly infectious tunes. What’s not to like? I saw these guys play in Camden about a year ago and they were great. Along with Doves it was one of the best visual shows I have ever seen – subtle yet arresting. And the music was also pretty good.

TV on the radio – Wolf like me

It’s funny how music can transform you to a different time and place. Sometimes even a different world. I first heard this a few days after moving to California from Belfast and found it very striking. Now every time I hear this I return to that time of my life. To feeling like that naive guy – full of fear and wonderment, exhilarated and out of my depth in equal measures.

Maybe that is the reason I am fond of this but the fact it is a snarling anthem both relentless and compelling also helps.


The Drums – Let’s go surfing

These guys rock. Their live show was probably one of my highlights of 2010. I don’t think I can do there energy justice. If you get the chance to see them – take it.

They have lots of great tunes but this was the first one that really grabbed me. They remind me a little of Joy Division by pulling off the neat trick of combining sombre lyrics and sprightly delivery.

Also, an enjoyable video – simple but effective.

Oasis – Slide Away

I have been listening to a song by Liam Gallagher’s new band  quite a bit this week. It seems he has retained his ability to belt out an anthemic tune. Oasis became something of a caricature of themselves towards the end, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that they released two staggering albums. The fact that Definitely Maybe and (What’s the story) Morning Glory? coincided with me really discovering music for the first time means I will always have a special appreciation for them.

I found it hard to believe that Slide Away was released in the summer of ‘94 but it has aged well. The combination of the towering guitar riff and Liam’s imploring vocal that makes it very compelling.